How much capacity do I need for a hybrid build?


This, batteries normally have a bit more capacity (per cell) if you pull less current

Allright, I think I got what i was looking for. Thanks a lot for the quick answers.

Hi michal I am using 10s4p (Samsung 30Q) with 2x 6374 190kv Motors…I get a range of 30-35km with the bergmeisters (15:60 gearing ratio) pumped at 5 bar on flats… My gf said I should lose a few kg (am now at 78kg)

Edit: my gf also said I ride like a granny…(below 40km/h) so if you go nuts then / all terrain then of course your range would be less. But personally I would not go below 10s4p


30-35km!? that’s awsome! that’s more than double of what I originally planned. Thanks so much for the info.

Also what is the discharge rate of Samsung 30q 18650? I was originally planning to go with with lipos that have a higher discharge than li-ion, paired with a daual fsesc 6.6 that is 100a continous. I was thinking i could downdrade to something like a dual 4.40 plus to save some money. Is this correct thinking or am i completely wrong? (i’m going a bit off topic, but i didn’t want to start a new topic just for this)

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Hey there Michal, I just finished a similar build, and I weigh 70kg.
I went with two 6355 motors, as I was printing my own gears, and the 6374s looked like it might be tight getting them in between my TB210s.

I am using 3 4s 5ah Lipos (as a 12s1p) - I get 16km range. I was actually hoping for more, but alas, that is what I get.


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Look awsome man. 32km of range, only 5ah? Could I expect something similar with 6474 motors if i would go with lipo instead of li-ion?

Shoot, I am so sorry. Bad at math. Oh the US standard is Ca Rap… I get 10 Miles, that is 16 km on this board… So sorry

I actually wanted 15 km originally so that is actually fine. I could go a little higher, to 6-8ah maybe to be safe.

I was pretty disappointing with my range. I switched from 60t gears (16x60) to 42t gears (16x42) to see if that would help. I might get a little more range, but my riding has been in different areas. I know I get 16km for sure. I am looking at trying to pack more battery underneth at the moment.

@Michal I am hoping that you get better range with the bigger motors. Next week - I am taking the motors off my board, and I am going to try a single 6374 with (16x50 gears). I need at least 24km range, or I have to carry extra batteries…

10S4P 30Q pack is going to be great, plenty of members use it

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Do li-ion have enough dicharge? Becuase the dual fsesc 6.6 has max 100a continuous (tham i am planning to use), same as the motors.

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10s5p or 6p or 12s5p or 4p. This will give you a fair bit of range and not be a massive pack

If you build a pack out of 30q cells you probably want 6p. If you use something like a vtc5 or vt5a you can get by with 5p or 4p. I can build you a 10s pack if you want.

You are joking right? A 12s5p with 30Q cells is not enough for dual 6374?

Also let’s not forget that the guy started with 15km required range.

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It gives you 50a per motor continuous. But he won’t pull that for too long. I have seen full blow trampa mtbs with a 5p 30q.

Edit: if you search the word “trampa” almost every build is 4p and 5p. Unless you are doing serious offroading you will be fine

A 5p can give 50 battery amps per motor. He won’t even pull that on the road.

The only time he may pull that is if he is heavy and decides to do repeated standing starts to top speed on a steep hill in which case the last of his problems will be the 5p battery.

MTBs are a different story, FWIW I do have a Trampa with a 12s7p 30q but this is not what the OP asked about.

I cant tell if you are agreeing or not…

I am not agreeing with your statement that a 5p with 30Q cells will not be enough. A 4p 30Q pack will be more than enough for his required 15km range without any considerable sag taking into consideration his weight (72kg) and the type of board he wants to build.

Theres been a misunderstanding. Im saying a 5p pack is plenty for 95% of riders. You never pull the max motor current unless you ride like a lunatic while offloading uphill lol

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I sort of agree with that statement, however I pull the max motor current all the time. This is different to pulling the max battery current. Uphill offroading does take a lot more out of all the components, hence the reason why most actual eMTB go for big liion packs or smaller high discharge lipo packs.

How did we end up discussing mountainboards? This is not what the original question was about.