How much current do I charge my LiPos at?

I’m pretty new to the scene of esk8s and I have just got my Imax balance charger, what current do I charge my batteries at? My batteries are two 3s1p zippy 20C 5000mah any help would be appreciated

They can be charged at a max of 2C (10A). However, the iMax B6 is limited to 5A so set it to max. I prefer charging my packs at 1C anyway.

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It is preferred to charge a battery for longlivity at 1C. 1C = 5A = 5000mA

If you have a 8000mAh battery then: 1C = 8A = 8000mA

I hope you get what i mean

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as little current as possible (like 100mA) < charge current < 1C

choose whatever you want out of that range

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Thanks for the help :+1:

I normally charge 5a or 1C which ever is less. ** note:** My batteries are rated for up to 5C or 25A charge rate. So 5A is conservative rate for my particular batteries.

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When you have enough time, than also think about charging with 0.5c, also your battery should work with 2c from the specs. Often the values from the manufactures are to high. Your LiPo will thank you with a longer lifetime when you are charging slower and not to completely full 4.2v per cell.

if you are charging a 6S with an imax B6 charger the most you will get out of it is 2.4A anyway so just set it to max (5A)

On a similar topic, how many amps would you trust through @lowGuido’s charging solution?

there’s a charge rating that will be similar to the discharge rating so with a high discharge cell it can be charged with high current as well. you can charge a lipo with way more current than people tell you because they’re all worried you’ll blow up your house. read the cell specs. the limit is almost always what your charger can put out.

I mean charging through the balance cable.

What charger have you got?

iMax B6 ac clone