How much does your helmet weigh?

I want to buy this type of helmet. images Because they’re cheaper and more available But the one im looking at weighs 1.1kg but my normal skate helmet only weights like 350grams How much does your helmet weigh?

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Tsg pass is 1020 grams… Tsg carbon pass is 980grams…

Tsg pass with a GoPro attached… ~1400g

1.1kg is probably fine.


If you ride enough your neck muscles will get used to a heavier helmet.


@Deckoz You hit the spot! Exactly what i needed to hear :smiley:
And Good point @E1Allen

Thank you guys for all the help! This is solved If anyone still wanna talk about helmet weight etc Sure have fun.

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I use a met parachute… 700g and nice and draughty!

Holy thread revival dude! Are you really Kanye west?!

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