How much Energy consums a dual drive on flat?

hey guys, im thinking about to upgrade my E-Board with 40W solarpannel. so my question is how much energy consums a dual vesc on a flat road.

Sry for my english guys ^^ im german:)

Currently you pull around 30a at let’s say 42v. 1200w roughly.

You dont need 1200w constantly… I mean the A when you reached your speed

Depends on the way you drive. But in average it will be around 300 watts for a cruise ride with a street setup. But that can differ a lot if you accelerate and brake the entire time or go only fullspeed. But for acceleration to riding speed you need much more watts.

Also take a look at other threads, just use the search bar. I think two people messed around with solarpanels aswell

@cmatson done it before. As far as i know it is really inefficient.

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so 40W isnt enought?

You might increase your range by 10%