How much is a 10% or even 20% hill/road visually?

So when i see these numbers of a board that can take a 10% hill or even 20% i have no idea how much that is, do anyone of you know how much that is? do anyone have a picture of a 10% hill in a good angle?

I have been trying to find pictures on google but i cant find anything…

This is 11%


Ok! so what do they actually mean when a board can climb a 10% hill, is it from standing start? or is it that when it goes top speed it can climb without loosing speed?

You shouldn’t be going up hills from a dead stop on the hill, so I imagine most people are making the claiming going at speed up the hill and not having it slow down to a halt.

ok, but overall it can climb 10% but they don’t specify how fast or how much it will slow down? just it can do it without stalling?

Varies between boards, just gotta do more research on whatever you’re buying.


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So what im gathering from the pictures a 10% hill is quite common? its a normal hill? (in a city) (ofcourse different parts of a hill can be steeper and such)


0-10% = moderate incline 10-15% = slightly steep incline 15-20 = pretty steep incline 20-25% = steep incline 25-30+% = very steep incline

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I think after 10% they have to put up a sign and if it’s really steep just a no trucks sign

You can use an app called clinometer on Android or iGradient on ios to check out Hills in your area to get a good understanding of what Hill gradients are.

Cool i’ll check it out, thanks :slight_smile:

Here’s a 10ish% grade hill