How much range (or watt hours) do you actually use?

i know that everyone’s needs and commutes differ but in general, how much range do you actually use? did you focus your build on long range and only end up using like half of it? is it better to have far more range than you ever need?

do you regret having too much or maybe too little range compared to top speed or torque?

If you are looking for a reference point to build a battery pack or set the VESC settings, you will get all over the place responses, nobody has the same needs and the needs change according to mood and experience.

reference point would be nice, but i just like those “knowing what i know now i would have…” type statements

i have a 10s 3p and a 10s4p along with a 10s3p spacecell im builiding as a spare, the 10s 3p i rarely run down further than 75%, mainly use the higher voltage for less heat through my system.

I’ve got emtb…

Single motor 192kv 4.33 ratio (65/15), 9inch wheels and I would definately love to have more range with it. I know there’s different needs/stats for longboards… but basically I think for emtb a battery of at least 250wh is needed… this would translate to roughly 10S, 7Ah battery.

Right now I’ve got about ~190wh battery. and 8-10km in some instances, is a bit too litte :\

– So basically, this would translate as 120wh longboard battery minimum, though not sure how many ppl do long shots with their longboards… depends on the road and also on the intention for the ride…

~120wh = ~10s 3.5ah

So I think for e-longboard 5-7ah battery with 10s system, is a good ‘‘middle ground’’ (180 - 252wh)

Basically, the less intensively you discharge the battery, the longer it will live… Ideally, batteries probably should be discharged in 60-80% range. meaning, that you leave about 20% on the low end and also dont charge it up till 4.2v… more like 4.0v or so.

One more thing to consider - the bigger the pack, the more faster it is possible to charge it without ‘‘damaging it’’ (if the charger is capable enough…) More watthours/amp hours per 10/15/20mins to put back into the pack… versus slower charging…

i like having the range i get from a 12S4P 18650 pack. Fun speed for me is around 20 mph and with the right ratios i can get close to 25 miles at that speed on those packs. Carving hard and accelerating out of turns, shooting up hills, slamming the throttle to try and brake traction sometimes, it all eats up juice and its all a blast so i want to have at least an hour of it per 2.5 to 3 hours of charging.

TL;DR The more watt hours the better in my opinion.

12s4p? 48 cells? phew, hope you have a decent price source for cells

it depends on what day it is. Cell prices fluctuate more than gasoline it seems. These were $3 and change with flat pricing a couple of months ago, now they’re back up to over $4 per cell with bulk discounts.

oh nice I’ve been poking around battery suppliers, and i was actually looking for LG HG2s for a decent price, and those guys have them for 5.91 if you get 25-49. for the 10s3p that’s only $177, and $283 for your 12s4p monster pack, which is 516 watt hours, daaayum.

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Do you know how much charges for shipping to usa?

I think they got quite good prices… just not sure how conveniant it is for US ppl to order from them… there might be some added tax, which probably cancels the whole deal…But there might be no tax…

Check their ‘‘international site’’… the price is just ‘‘ridiculous’’

That is something like 3.75usd a piece, if you order a quantity 30pcs…

Shipping around 20usd…

Total 130usd… it shows…

on Eu site, one cell costs around +4.60 usd or so…

Such price is actually crasy low… Im not sure why on international site the price is that way… but non the less, it looks like a really good deal… compared to the prices you mentioned…

  • on eu site, you can get solder tabs, if you like to solder everything up, though each tab costs about 0.25 cents or so.

There’s also gearbest site… though have not heard anything good actually… there were delays in delivery… partly delivered batteries (not the correct amount) and some other stuff in between