How much sway is there in parallel group cell charge?

Hi, putting my NESE modules back together as I’m diagnosing a power cutout issue, and I decided to individually charge each cell to make sure I’m all topped off to start with.

Problem is, my efest charger seems to be fairly inaccurate. It stops charging when it thinks the cell is at 4.2v, but often it actually stops at 4.18 or 4.17v. I bought a Fluke 101 with a 0.5% accuracy so it could just be an inaccurate reading as well.

I’m wondering if a difference that small will have a major effect in the pack? Say I’ve got 5 parallel, some being 4.2v and some being 4.18v. The multimeter reads 4.18v total, so if I assembled this and put it together, would the cells inserted at 4.2v overcharge to 4.22v and become dangerous?

They will balance themselves out once connected together. The bigger the difference, the more current they will use to do it. In turn, the more current they put out doing it, the hell of a lot more heat they create and risk catching on fire. I would also suggest coming over on our side for many experts in this field forum(dot)esk8(dot)news If you come over, tag me if anything :slight_smile:

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