How much time did you spend before building your board

How much time did you spend finding the stuff you need and finding the parts at affordable prices? I started leaning 5 months ago and today im just missing a bms(shitty post) cant wait for it all to come and build it, bet that it will be done in 2 hours tops :smiley:

My first build was basically a one stop shop with Enertion aside from the deck. It took like three months to get everything as they were constantly out of stock.


I guess you had a bigger budget than me :slight_smile:

I started off with a production board the, E-Go2, after a year with that I started looking into diy, and spent about 5-6 months learning, picking parts, and saving up to have a nice fat budget :yum:

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Using roughly the same components I started with, basically a kit from diy for the belt, pulleys motor mount, trucks, and wheels($200) also vesc 4.12 ($100). Hobby king for the motor (149kv turnigy sk3 6374, $80) and batteries (2x 5S 5Ah in series, $80). Board from Amazon used a longboard and now an old school deck both under $50. Controller and receiver originally used were repurposed from an RC car and now using self made ones, enclosures have been 3d printed and refined slowly over time. Various connectors and wires and hardware probably around $40, parts for controller and receiver were about $20 as well.

Basically if I did everything perfectly would have cost $570. That said I blew two vescs one which is in ICU with Vishal other is dead beyond repair both my own fault. Time wise I read on the forum for a few weeks and started collecting parts about a week into research (hence kit since I didn’t know what was what entirely yet). Didn’t take terribly long to assemble the first time but have been patching and tweaking things for over a year, still wouldn’t say I’m finished entirely but it’s been functional for some time.


After about a week and a half of near obsessive research on the forum, I bought my first part. An enclosure from @Eboosted. :joy: I fluked out though, because it was a beautiful quality part, and ended up fitting all the things I needed perfectly. Then I started collecting stuff from group buys and the parts market. Found a guy locally who was selling batteries, also happened to build custom packs. The only thing I ended up buying from a store was the motor. From buildkit boards by @JLabs. All the while researching. Trying to figure everything out. By the time I had everything, I knew what to do and how to put it together. Took about 2.5 months to have a working board. Got to play with it for about a month, then it snowed. :persevere:


Took me about a year, can’t remember. Before this forum was created iirc. ES was the place to go and got inspired by sl33py, psychotiller and whitepony. There wasn’t a lot of options for parts then. Torqueboards , Enertion and Psycotiller were the main source for parts then. Seems so long ago.