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How much wheel pulley wobble is acceptable?

I bought diyesk8’s drive kit and I have some wobble on the pulley on the wheel. How much is tolerable for the belt? I would say that there is 1mm of play on the pulley going back and forth.

Ideally, you don’t want any wobble in your drive train…it can wear out bearings, break belts, snap motor mounts, and eliminate coasting on your board.

How do I get to that no wobble point? I feel like 1mm of play is pretty reasonable.

which way is it wobbling?
1mm is probably ok but the belt will probably shred quicker than usual, Ideally you want everything to be square and wobble free.
you should be able to tighten the bolts where it plays out to pull it in a bit more.

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Could you post a video ?

I just bought and assembled the same kit. I have a bit of wobble too. I took it apart and reassembled it about 3 times. always getting the same amount of wobble. I tried varying amounts of tight and loosened bolts, but I can not completely eliminate it.

drill out the wheels with a 1/4" bit and the bolts will fall right through now when you install you will have no wobble.

You shouldn’t have any wobble. Alternate the bolts you put in for each side.

Typically, I like to drill from the pulley side into the wheel w/ 3 bolts, each skipping a bolt. This get’s them 100% flushed to the wheel. The bolts provided are fully threaded so there’s no need to use a 1/4" bit to clear out the inside.

You’ll want to use a drill w/ an M5 hex bit.

Once you get the 3 in and it’s sitting flushed on top of the wheel.

Next, do the opposite 3 from the washer side.

When you put the bolts in aim for the farthest corner on the wheel.

Make sure you apply pressure to the pulley when drilling through.

i find that its this that makes them develop so much wobble, they thread the plastic on there way in and permanently throw off the pulley. drilling makes it so easy

I haven’t had any issues with it. But if this is what works for you that’s another option too :smile:

During my many reassembles, I had drilled it. I still get the same wobble. It seems to me that the wheel is what has the wobble. All 4 of them have some varying degree of it. When I was putting the wheels and bearings together, I would give them a spin on the truck and noticed each had a slight wobble to it. I tried swapping bearings and torquing the wheel nut to fully seat them but again nothing seems to fix it. My next solution will be to take it all apart again and flip the wheel. Put the ‘washer’ side on the inside. Hopefully this makes sense, if not I’ll try a video. I have ordered a new set of wheels and bearings to try as well.

Here it is with said wobble.

Do you have a nut on the other side?

That looks like it would be fine to me. I have has wheels with way more than that.

all wheels have some wobble…

these wheels are not precision CNC’d parts, they are molded in the-hundreds/thousands and the tolerance is fairly high so variations will occur.

the bolt on wheel pulley system is also prone to having a slight wobble, mostly due to the wheel not being perfectly made. If you bolt to something that isn’t true the thing you attach will also not be true.

One thing to check for is urethane spill over onto the plastic wheel core. Make sure the core is clean & exposed so that the pulley can be seated flat against it.

I find that tightening the bolts doesn’t help much, especially if the pulley is not seated correctly. You may need to scrape some urethane away.

The new molded nylon pulley with bearing we offer on all our kits is an improvement, but it still relies on the wheel itself for alignment. The best solution would be a custom wheel with the Pulley & core as one piece.

I doubt that will happen though.

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