How NOT to build a battery

Like this post for good luck that this won’t explode lol. Each side is heatshrinked and then the whole thing will be heatshrinked and there will be a foam spacer between each side of the battery. This battery design sucks… use the one with a terminal on each end for less risk.


liked for good luck!

But why?

looks fine to me.

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Thanks! Why what?

Are your charge leads hooked up? I don’t see them

Hope so. It looks fudged and unsafe but maybe the heatshrink will save it. Not the worst job for first battery i guess.

Yeah they are hooked into main discharge wires.

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Are you using this diagram?

Yeah, I probably would’ve used the other one if I could have.

I used the same wiring diagram and would have used another one if doing it again. Isolation between the two columns of batteries is needed. If so it should work fine.

However the glueing seems kinda random? :grimacing: No offense.

Why couldn’t you have used one like this?

Yeah glueing was kind of just to hold them in place while welding.

I thought the other one would be better but isolation between both rows is needed for less chance of shorting. Heatshrink should minimise the chance though

Why did you think it was better? Just because the terminals are not on the same side?

I mean that I thought the one with terminals on same side would be better, but after building I realised that isolation is important.

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Keep in mind that one layer of heat shrink may not be enough, as vibrations can cause parts to rub and wear out the isolation.

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Is it possible to put the 2 half of that battery pack on top of each other instead of side by side which would prevent the chance of shorting?

I like the special sauce application…err I mean hot glue :joy:

Would be too thick. This is for a hub board so it needs to be thin as possible.

Ahh ok. Good luck!