How NOT to make your LiPo packs slimmer :P

Sometimes you want to make something no matter what, and sometimes you lack some tools and when you find out that no one will sell them in a 50km radius from home, you just say, fuck it, I’ll do it anyways.

I started by striping out the heat shrink from the 6S 4500mah 25C Turnigy battery until it looked like this:

Then you have to unglue the cells, I just wanted to cut it in half making 2 3S stacks, so I only needed to separate the middle.

You have to help yourself using some credit card (or in my case, my Chilean public transport card):

Do it carefully but don’t be afraid, if you’re not insane you won’t break them. Once they’re separated:

Now you’ll have to cut the (I guess aluminum) tab that joins the two middle cells so you can put the two stacks side by side, I cut it with a pair of scissors.

Now we have to re-join those cells with some piece of cable, 10AWG will do. So when I read the original How I made my lipo packs slimmer I knew I needed the aluminum solder paste to do this. But I couldn’t get it so I tried soldering without it and obviously couldn’t tin it.

Here’s the barbarian part of my unprofessional tutorial :stuck_out_tongue:, I figured that if I cut a hole in each tab, I could coil some copper wire through it and solder it against itself.

Here I’m punching a hole with my mom’s knitting needle lol.

Before and after soldering:

And proof that it works:

I know I have to secure that part because movement can be dangerous, but then it totally works!

Let me know what you guys think, I wanna thank @barajabali for making the original thread and helping me accomplish this. I hope not to bother anyone by making a new thread about the same topic, see you soon!


I like it even tho I’m not sure that the current will like those connections but hey if it works it works

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@exnor I know the feeling! Sometimes you want to do something and you just give it a try even though you don’t have the right tools. Almost every time I’ve done that I find myself with an unusable result, so congrats on getting it to work! Nonetheless, the way you’ve left it looks like it’s begging for a short, so be really careful!

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Haha thanks @barajabali and @treenutter!

Yes, it’s really difficult to wait for tools and components, you wanna do everything right in that moment or never haha. And yes, it kinda begs for one, I’ll try to be careful :grin:

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Sometimes you can solder on the lipo tabs (or at least that was the case for me) if you scrape them a bit or find existing solder points you can solder onto them if you’re fast/good at soldering, make sure the iron is very hot and use a 40w iron or more. Dedicated solder wire/flux wasn’t an option for me either even if I believe that would have helped. Good tip the one to make holes, but make sure you’re not pulling the lipo tabs too much.

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Yes, I did try scraping them without success. My iron is 40w but it clearly didn’t matter haha :grin: