How often do you all ride?

Since I finished my board, I ride about 3-5x a week, weather permitting. I ride for about 10-15mins and get in about 2 miles. I get a rush every time. Never gets old! I live in a suburban area and ride around the neighborhoods. Hopefully I don’t get bored of the route.

Post how often, how long, and how many miles you ride. Also post what areas of town you ride in.


About once every 1 - 5 hours, 7 days a week, rain or shine

Usually before work, on lunch, after work, then a few times in the evening, and multiple times all weekend but if the weather is bad I stay in more often on the weekend. On weekdays, it’s riding whether rain, snow, or sun all the same.

Usually most trips are <3 miles but a lot of them are 4 - 10 and occasionally a monster 15-20 mile ride

The grocery store I usually go to is 3.8 miles away, probably go twice a week on average. IKEA is 3.5 miles away, I get coffee beans there


About 15 km a day + 20-40 km group rides per week. Going to double that soon once my new board is finished. Still get a rush after several years riding :ok_hand:


I ride usually 2-3 times a week during school, and once or twice a day in holidays. I usually go for a 3.5km ride along the bike track and through some new fancy estates as the roads are butter smooth.

I also hope I don’t get bored of this route as it’s a very nice one


Minimum of 2 or 3 times a day because i use mine to walk the dogs


Only when I need to get places


10-15 miles daily, ~35-40 miles on weekends and occasionally 50+ miles, this is during the school year, in the summer I did 50 miles minimum almost everday


daily coffee runs diagonally across the street, I take the long way there, which is just 0.5 miles. 2 weekend morning 10 mile rides are a must because the rest of the weekend is taken up by entertaining my daughter.

Now that is finally cooler, I go night riding when the family goes to bed


Haha this is ironic, I’m waiting for it to get warmer in the evenings :smiley:


Here in California, I would ride at least once a day. Maintenance has been my only hold up lately

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I do endless circles around the city late at night just waiting to charge and finally to sleep. Probably do 40 miles a day. Gotta get the board back running


Because I commute every day, I’ve been averaging around 800-900 miles a month. I know, ha. These boards are like robot drug dealers.

To be fair, this one of my daily commute routes, one way:


I used to ride about 8 miles each day after work (or more if I commuted with the board) and ~20 each day on the weekend. I always tried to skate each day.

Now it’s cold/rainy out and gets dark at 5:00, so until I get my lights working again, dry weekends are the only time I’ve been going out. And it’s been raining every weekend for the past month, so… Not a whole lot of skating lately. Hope to change that soon and I’m ready for Spring.

What do you do if you need to carry big bulky stuff? You lug one of these around?

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I don’t get to ride solo as much as I used to but I try to make it to the group ride once a week. It’s been almost a month from my fall and I’m still recovering but I want to ride soooooo bad.

[quote=“Battosaii, post:15, topic:78470”] don’t get to ride solo as much as I used to[/quote] But have you ridden dual.



Averaging 15-20 miles a day. I run whenever I can as this is my primary mode of transportation. Honestly it’s just too easy to get around eskating.



Other than before switching phones, minus the few times I don’t connect VESC Monitor, that is exactly how often, and items per folder is how many times that day. Average of 10-20 miles per ride, anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

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I have a backpack with 3 cloth shopping bags, one of them insulated. Just be mindful of what you buy. No more than 24 cans of beverage, 36 if you want a dead arm by the time you get home. Preferably 12 each time. Anything else really doesn’t matter.

Combination of putting it in the backpack and carrying a few bags with my front arm it’s never been a problem. I mean, you carry them from the car to your house, right? Now instead of going in your house, skate down the street. Same thing.


Sure, that seems like a pretty good system. The difference is even though I do the “carry all the groceries in one trip or bust.” Those would not be viable on a skateboard or for longer than 2 minutes. Do you also carry your skateboard inside the stores with you? I know that is a yes for you but what are the logistics behind that as well? Grocery store seems easy, just put it in your shopping cart. What about other places where that isn’t possible?