How often do you really use your E-Sk8?

Just a general question for all the amazing builders out here. When you finished the board and configurated it the way you like, how often do you guys really go out on it? And do people use them for their daily commutes? I want to know this because I’m really looking into buying / building an electric skateboard :slight_smile:

  • 0-10 miles / 0-16 KM per week
  • 10-20 miles/ 16-30 KM per week
  • 20-49 miles / 30-80 KM per week
  • 50-99 miles / 80- 160 KM per week
  • 100+ miles / 160+ KM per week

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If esk8 would be legal in Germany, my board would already have replaced my bike for my commute to work just because i enjoy riding it so much. These days i take a ride on bikelanes almost every evening, my motorcycle stays in the garage :slight_smile:


Whenever the weather is clear enough & I feel like it. Also go to & from work often. 40 minutes there & 30 back. Use it when flying RC too. Basically all the time.

2.5 miles each way to work everyday for over a year, plus 5 miles each way for groceries twice a week, plus at least one full drain (12 miles) for fun on the weekends. Im starting to feel naked and hollow when i dont have it with me.


Maybe add a poll to the first post? I esk8 once a week usually on the weekend. It is just a fun ride because I don’t really need to commute anywhere (still at school).

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3-4 days a week if weather is good. When it becomes legal in 2082: every fucking day :slight_smile:


Every non-rainy day :smiley:

I use mine to commute 5km (3 mi) to work, every non rainy day from May to October. I also bring it on trips to other cities (if I’m driving, not flying).

Similar to @lox897. School + swimming takes most if not all of my time.

I’ve had issues with my boards reliability but 4 days out of the week would be the norm if it worked all the time.

I ride mine everyday to class, and go on joyrides whenever I need a break from school work.

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Im running my board about 100-150km per week! 20km daily commute and food shopping, 1-2 tours per weekend. if the weather is dry, I do everything with my board! :heart_eyes:

… pretty much since 2 years now actually! :no_mouth:

Im absolutely amazed how well regular wheels hold up with constant really hard carving. back then I started with evolve all terrain and had to swap tyres every 3 weeks! :tired_face:


I was residing in Copenhagen. The bike lanes are perfect for an e-board there. I have been driving me 3D Printed Spine up to 20km a day, and I was comfortable driving it at over 40km/h. It daily saved me about 2 hours on commuting. I was even driving it in rain, though at a huge, being wet price.

Now that I moved to Berlin, where the boards seem to be illegal, I drive in the weekends. I take my Hyperboard to Tempelhof (closed down airport that is accessible to the public). It’s a blast but it sucks that I can’t do it more often.

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Not a builder personally, but I have a board from @longhairedboy. I ride 3-5 days a week with a 7 mile commute (14 round trip). Sometimes I take the train in the morning so I don’t get sweaty before work and ride home.

Riding is a great way to decompress after work, it’s like a little vacation.


Definitely :slight_smile:

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Everyday to work, or to get to friends. Even when i go out with my dog :smiley:

I live in Germany and i think its important to show the world that our community is growing to make it legal at one day.


weather good: every day to and from work. sometimes a spin in the evening when after my son is asleep. weather bad: use the bike. weekends: 30-40 min runs around my streets or short sunday morning “normal” downhill runs on my Lush so i can get better at sliding. when i build a faster board, will be speed runs!

when i don’t have electric, then it’s push :wink:

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I use mine as much as possible. Runs to the post (mail) office, to and from town (no fuel usage, no parking fee) and then I head to the South coast here in the UK (about a 40-min drive) for hour-long rides and top-speed blasts :smiley:

Do you swim competitively?

Ride 2.5 miles up to work and then back, every single day. I don’t have a car and used buses for everything, now it has been mostly replaced with esk8ing.

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