How often do you really use your E-Sk8?

Thanks for all your amazing responses guys, I really want to get one now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Every single day I ride mine 4 miles to school down the West Side Highway in NYC. And back.


Everyday, when its working :joy:

I alternate between my eboard & bicycle so I don’t get too out of shape :grin:

Every night, sometimes during the day, weather permitting. I have a Home Depot near where i live and usually start my night ride there so i can blast as much as i want and not have to worry about cars or people getting in the way. Then a leisurely ride around the neighborhood. On some days it’s the most fun i have all day. It really is a little getaway from everything, really clears your head.

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Almost everyday even if it’s just around the block because eboarding is so much fun once you feel confident in your setup

Everyday, but my drive wheel and motor sprocket are wearing quickly :stuck_out_tongue:

A few miles everyday, but my drive wheel and motor sprocket are wearing quickly :stuck_out_tongue:

When I have a working board, I ride 5 miles to my university and 5 miles back. I’ll ride around GG park on weekends sometimes for fun.

A poll on the first post would be nice, to see those who don’t want to make a post.

I didn’t know what to put in a poll :wink: If you give me some things you’d put in the poll I’ll gladly make one.

Yep! 2hrs a day 7 days a week :thumbsup:


if you click on the gear logo, one of the options is “Build Poll”.

I think the best measurement is miles per week. So like…

  • 0-19 miles per week
  • 20-49 miles per week
  • 50-99 miles per week
  • 100+ miles per week

Nice I do water polo and swim water polo both are 4 hours a day 5 days a week haha what is your best event?

my son rides one of our older builds / test units to school every day, it’s an older 6S build with twin NTM 270s. He loves that damn thing, and the school doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.

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When the weather is good enough to ride, I use it to commute, but I don’t always go into the office and I often take the subway home. The ride to work is roughly 8 miles. Add on trips to the market, riding to my kids’ school, meetings and all the other little rides. So it probably comes out to somewhere around 40 - 50 miles a week.

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My build is like half finished and I am riding it everyday.

Once it’s done, it will probably replace every other form of transport.

Daily - twice daily. If it’s a weekend I’ll go 50k’s on it I mean them.

I ride about 20 miles a week all for for pleasure and therapeutic self care.

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@ThomasRBK about about 20 miles a week. Two commutes at 3.5 miles per leg, and then “riding” just for fun. If the weather allows and I have time, I go out for more. Riding clears my head.

@whitepony this is my life right now! only it’s every 120 miles or so.