How reliable are TORQUE Battery packs?

I am planning a new build and i want all in one battery pack (switch,indicator, bms charging port included). The TORQUE offers thoses battery packs.

Anybody who uses them can you tell how reliable those battery packs are?

Are there any other options for battery packs except TORQUE’s?

Plenty of battery pack options. Prices vary

Some others around if you search.

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I have a 12s3p lg he2 pack from torqueboards that I bought in 2015. It’s still going strong. I’m sure the capacity has dropped a bit, but it works as it should. Also I have another 12s4p 30q pack from there I bought second hand, but unused. I tore it down to reconfigure it. All I can say is it was built well and i’m reusing all the components.

To add to the list in the previous post Miami Electric Boards has packs too. I don’t have any experience with them, but also haven’t heard anything bad either.

Good luck :+1: