How should i start?

im getting a deal through a friend to buy some lifepo4 at a $1 each so i figured dam ill grab 200. im currently on a project right now with another lined up after so this will be after that. not sure what to do with these cells other than use it on an e-board. super fresh to this thing. not sure how to go about it, been doing a bit of reading and should i go all out with 4 motor 12s12p. sounds lots of fun but how should i get to that? buy each part individually or is it possible to use an existing model hopefully without battery and build my own pack.

should i get more batteries, what else should i build?

Do a bit more reading, look for other people’s builds and think about parts, come back to here when you’ve got more of an idea about what you’re getting into

Also what lipos did you get?


havent got em yet but he says they are a12326650

Finding an enclosure and deck to fit 12s12p and two dual or 4 single vesc is going to be a challenge. What are the dimensions of the lipos?

I don’t think they are lipos, aren’t they lifepo4 batteries

26mm(1.0") x 65.15 mm(2.6") and yes they lifepo4. (corrected)

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since im new to this, what would be more realistic to take advantage of in my situation, money is not much of a concern as long as i build something REALLY vicious

If you can get batteries super cheap I would always ask myself, where they coming from and are the legit or if used, what’s there conditions.

Nothing more annoying than having shitty cells in your board. Or let’s say worst case, nothing more shitty than lightening up your whole build because somebody sold you fake cells.

from what my friend tells me they were briefly used in a prototype truck, seller gots 2 trucks full of batts. should i get more? $1 compared to something like $9 plus shipping is such a bargain

Since it will weigh like 20lbs in batteries alone, no you don’t need more

33lbs actually

am i going to carry this around? btw im only 145 lbs

If it sound too good to be true, than most time something is wrong. But nobody here can tell you if it is like this in your case.


It will also go 100 miles…that is insane

4 motors can handle that right? hope it doesnt sound to dangerously fast(sarcasm)

It’s about 10 times as much power as a ‘normal’ board

If you want motors to handle that power this is a good start, a group buy for custom MayTech 6880 motors (top notch quality) is open

i believe i read that lifepo4 can handle fairley harsh abuse compared to the other alternatives so i dont think their conditions will veer to far from what your saying

Power: 3.3V (nominal voltage) * 12 (series count) * 50A (continuous amps) * 12 (parallel count) = 23,760W (5,960W per motor)

Range: 3.3V (nominal voltage) * 12 (series count) * 2.5 (capacity) * 12 (parallel count) / 18Wh/mi (generous efficiency) = 66mi on a single charge