How tight should the chain be?

not sure if my chain is too loose or too tight. any one have any recomendations?


Make it just tight that it can bend a little when you put your finger on it, no need for it to be tight because it wont slip ever, the tightness is just to make the sound quieter


thanks. it seems i have one to adjust then, it kinda sucks since i need to take the chain apart then the wheel off just to adjsut the motor mount takes ages without the right tools >.<

Yea the lack of space is annoying on esk8…


yeh its more annoying since i cant adjust the motor mount perfectly with the chain in tact… but hopefully i wont have to adjust it much

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I use my chains as loose as I can…less rolling resistance…better mechanical performance…Less axial force to the motor and parts…Noise it is not a problem with belts, because you can not get rid of it…I also use a wax chain lube, it works great, and not that messy…


Ah OK so looser chain is better than tight. Is there a general guide or rule of thumb how tight it should be?

I run mine pretty loose also. Not super loose where you get a bunch of slack before it moves tho.

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It is about having a little bit of patience, the easiest way is to take your time, get it loose so no excessive tension it is transmitted to the Axel, and spurs…I use to ride dirt bikes, also have a KTM 990 and Harley that I putted chain drives…If you can find the spot, your spurs will live longer (my HD have the same chains & spurs for the last 20 years and I traveled all around my country and more…). Also free rolling resistance, means more w/hrs of fun…Once you find the spot, you are good to go for years of fun and easy maintenance…

Also with the right tool you just have to take the chain apart, not the wheel (maybe deflate them). If you want more speed or torque, it is very easy to change the motor spur, and it will be a huge change if you want to go just off roading…Very simple, tons of fun…

Looks good to me but I’d recommend a little looser from what I can see in the picture. as explained above a little loose can have good attributions. I run mine pretty loose. anywhere in between not too tight and not falling off is good.

Nah I can’t get access to the motor mount with the wheel on. Can’t tKe the wheel off because of the chain. So I got to tKe chain off then wheel then adjust the motor then put it all back together

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These are some close up shots IMG_20190726_182153IMG_20190726_182141

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