How to activate e-brake on e-scooter with the throttle

Hi guys :slight_smile: Just can’t find info how to activate e-brake on e-scooter with the throttle. I connected to throttles one on ADC another one ADC 2. Both are working.

Just one on ADC2 seems doing nothing. On VESC tool i typed a lot options like ( current no reverse Brake ADC2 or other ) and didnt get active anyway. Can somone halp me?

You mean regenerative braking? E-brake is like a parking brake its a secondary mechanical brake that generally works on the rear wheels.

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yes yes regenerative brake :slight_smile:

It’s a bug in VESC tool, you have to go to general settings and set the input from “ADC and UART” to “ADC”

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yes its stay on it.

Tried this and others the same no brakes :slight_smile:

But maybe i can use another software. Im using now