How to adjust VESC brakes

Hello team!

Please explain if I understand wrong. I have a board based on VESC and faced next situation - at high speed brakes are well, but the less speed the less brake force applied to wheels. So it is a little bit crazy - you drop speed fast but your brake way is sooo long at slow speed. Can anyone advice something? I want to have strong brakes at any speed and it must be equal at any speed wheels 30A acceleration / 30A brakes | BMS 35 / 15

The second number should be negative

30A, -30A 35A, -15A

But what motors are you using?

Thanks for answer. It is with “-“ sign I just throw it. But of course it is -30 and -15 Exway hub motors. I wonder how china esk8s with china controllers and unknown hubs brakes much more powerful. Can I use regen higher than charge current pointed on bms? I mean it is not continues braking regen, it is short peak, so can I?

Yes, you can typically.

Details matter with computers and electronics.

I trowed just cuz VESC will not give you able to set positive values.

I tried, works well. Many thanks bro. Where is border of peak overtake for currents of brake and regeneration??

Which is actually a problem, that should be fixed