How to assembly Trampa 7inch superstar wheels


Just recieved this board : But when i push under manuals, nothing happen (to be honest, the site is one big mess)

I can’t for the life of me figuring out, how to assembly the wheels to the trucks.

I have attached 2 pictures, to show what i got from the package. The bearings looks to big btw. Maybe i`m missing something, i sure hope.

@trampa inhabits this place and can help no doubt, could be the wrong bearings, the ID of the bearing should be 9.25mm afaik for urban carver

Ohh god :frowning:

First they sent my board to the wrong country, the shipment should have taken 4-6 days, but it took 14 days because of that. Then the griptape on the board and one wheel is scratch due to poor packing skills.

And now you are telling me they also sent me the wrong parts ? I thought that Trampa was a state of the art. But until now, i have not been very impressed :frowning:

The inner diameter of the bearings i have is 12mm… :dizzy_face:

Maybe wait for Frank to chime in, there is probably a solution

On the image you made, there are four bearing reducer sleeves (alloy spacers with ridge). These go inside the bearings, so that the ridge faces to the outside of each bearing. This way the bearing fits the 9.525 axle shaft. The bearing spacer, going in between the two bearings, is 1mm to short. So you need to drop in the rubber O-Ring in addition, allowing to adjust the wheel play to zero.

This is the best way to mount the wheel: Drop a shim washer onto the axle shaft, slide a bearing reducer sleeve onto the axle shaft, slide a bearing onto the reducer sleeve, slide the bearing spacer onto the axle shaft, followed by the rubber O-Ring. Now drop the wheel into position. Now feed the outer bearing into the wheel and slide the outer reducer sleeve onto the axle and into the outer bearing. Drop the outer shim washer into position and wind on the axle nut. Adjust the wheel play to zero, carefully tensioning the wheel nut. When the wheel stops spinning freely, unwind the nut slightly to the point where the wheels spins nice and free.



The 4 bearing reducers is all i got. I don`t think that 4 is enough for 4 wheels and 8 bearings ?

There should be 8. If you PM your name, I can send them out tomorrow.


trampa and his crappy site :joy:

Just to be clear. Trampa got my back. No problems :slight_smile: Looking forward to build my Trampa eMTB

Trampa is a good guy.

We used to operate a strip club in the 90’s together


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