How to attach's motor pulley?

My pulley keeps coming loose and, I add threadlock, and I put on super glue, but after a bit of riding the glue started to become liquid again. What should I do? Whats the best way to mount it?

If I ever get a motor without a key that locks the pulley here’s what I would do… Mark the shaft where the lock screws sit and drill into the shaft slightly with a drill. Or use a dremel or file to make a small flat side of the shaft. That way you have something to lock into and the shaft isn’t completely round.

This is how it should be done if there’s not already a keyway on your motor shaft.

Knurled Tip Set Screws or Socket Cap Set Screws that way you can torque down harder and/or what @Lsal mentioned. They are M4 threaded on the motor pulley hub.

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yeah I just went out and got some and it seems to be working fine now, thanks for the help