How to attach the motor

Hey guys,

i just got my motor and i wanted to mount it but the four screws go straight through the holes onto the copper inside the motor. I expected that there would be a solid metal so that the screws could hold?

What am I missing??

The small holes should be for the mount and use small screws.

Usually they are M4 and make sure you dont go too deep so you wont touch the coper

How can i make sure that the screws aren’t coming loose if they arent gonna “hit the bottom”?

the screws that come with the motor or mount should just be long enough to be able to tighten it down without touching the motor strands. Just try to turn the motor very slowly and carefully by hand after fixing it to the mount and listen if there is a scraping sound

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Or then just buy screws which are as long as mounting plate and motor thread together.

Screw them in with your mount attached, make sure they don´t touch the copper, take them out again, apply loctite, screw them in again. Should not come lose after this :slight_smile:

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If they go through the mount and the motor face and touch the wires inside, just grind/file them down until they don’t…

Loctite is a must as TarzanHBK mentioned for metal screws/bolts to metal threads. Very important. Excluding the nylock nuts.

Secure them on your motor mount the way you would like you are ready to ride. If they still touch then add a few washers or shorten the bolts. Easy fix.

Thanks guys ! it works pretty good with small screws.

About the loctite: once i apply some- will i be able to get it off again in case i want to adjust something later?

You’ll probably be OK to use the Blue Loctite, as it’s not permanent. This will let you adjust the screws if you need to. Have a look on eBay for M4 screws in the length you feel you actually need, with whichever head you need (hex, torx, etc.). Other than that, washers… stacked up if needed. What motor is it?

use a good tool when taking the screws back off after loctite if u disassemble later, it can hold really good making stripping screws pretty easy to do

unfortunately i only have this red loctite from hobbyking …

i have the torque boards 5065 260kv !

The red loctite will work fine, just use an extremely small drop, or else your going to have to add heat to remove it, or just try and muscle it out and possibly strip it.