How to balance charge LiPo battery

I found this on youtube and thought it would help some new people like myself out. Has some good info on ithow to balance charge LiPo battery


Step 1: plug in the charger Step 2: click SELECT on LiPO balance charge. Can’t find it? Hint: it’s the first option. Step 3: 3 cell battery? You’re cells are nominal at 3.7. Total is 11.1 set it to that. If you didn’t know this information, you shouldn’t start building for anyone but yourself until you do. Step 4: click start.

At least that’s how the imax works

I don’t build electric skateboards I do traditional skateboards and longboards.

got some cool looking stuff on your insta bro…

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Thanks dude I take great pride in the boards that I do. Some of my favorites I have done are not even my boards.