How to build an esk8 on a budget?

i’ve been lurking this forum for a few months and trying to figure out how to build my own esk8 on the cheap Really all i want is something that goes about 15 mph, has a 5ish mile range, and can take me up hills (they don’t have to be crazy steep). Ideally i want it to be small so i can just strap it to my backpack and go.

with these criteria in mind i’ve been looking at a lot of different options and it seems to me that the best way to do all of these things is to use some cheapo aliexpress hub motors (to reduce size and weight and give me a pushing option if my board dies) with hobbyking ESCs (to reduce price so i can use two), a 6s 5ah lipo (muuuuch cheaper than a similar 18650 pack) since i have some experience with lithium polymer batteries as i use them with my multicopter, and one of the like ~$20 BMSs on HK because i want to be able to just plug it in and let it charge

Does anything about this sound like a really bad idea? i just need a sanity check before i go out and drop a couple hundred bucks on this

also, it seems that the carvon store has something really similar to what i’m trying to build


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A cheap good build is very possible these days…

Many more options in motors and motor mounts…

You just need to know what you need and where to get it …

Make a list of the parts…and start comparing prices

Start here if your are at a loss :point_down:t2:

For a really low budget is go with torqueboards single motor mechanical kit, one of his 6355 motors, his fvt 120amp 6S esc, a mini 2.4hz remote, one of his enclosures to fit it all, a couple 5000mAh lipos and xt60 connectors with a xt90s for a loop key from hobbyking and a deck of your choice. Buying it all from torqueboards would get you free shipping as well.

If you had a slightly higher budget I’d upgrade to a VESC and a 190kV 6374 motor with 2 5S lipos.

I’m currently building a board right now, and the budget is relatively cheap for the specs

Ebay board, Came with Flywheel Clones and Caliber Clones: 67 USD Shipped Maytech Vesc: 82 USD (Purchased from group buy) 10s3p Samsung 25r w/BMS,Charger: 150 USD (Purchased from group buy) 170Kv motor: 50 USD Shipped (Purchased from forum member who was getting rid of his stock) Motor Mount: FREE (Cut by hand,out of scrap aluminium I got for free at local machine shop) Flywheel Pulley: FREE (Printed at University) Motor Pulley and Belt: 14 USD Ebay Shipped GT2b controller: 28 USD ebay Shipped (Free 3d Printed Mad Munkey Mod) Enclosure: ???

Miscellaneous Costs: $60

Total: $451 USD (let me know if im forgetting something)

I started sourcing parts in September, I think i’ve got a pretty good build for the price.

I’d Say just be patient and look out for good deals here on the forum, and if you don’t mind waiting a month for parts ebay is a good place to buy. I’m in Canada so shipping bumped my budget up a bit you could probably get the total price down to 400 USD if you’re in the US.

Good Luck!!


You just need to invest 500$ to be able to climb a small hill or even go forward. It’s definitely worth the extra investment, you will have less problems and more fun!

any chance you could link me to as many of those things as possible?

im just trying to figure out the best way to do that, that’s about my maximum budget

im considering just buying the carvon i linked above

If you’re handy you could build a quite decent board with that money :wink:

Motor pulley:



Board, Trucks , 83mm Flywheel Clones:

VESC, Battery (Groupbuy is closed though :frowning: ) :

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I have baught a lot of extra parts, so most of the stuff from the group buy will be available for purchase in a week or so.

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Single motor mech kit + 2x6S Enclosure + 260kV 6355 + 120A 6S ESC = 395$ with free shipping at .

2x 3S Lipo + GT2B = 75$ before shipping from

That’s what I’d do if I was going for a budget build. Should get roughly 5 miles range and a top speed of around 20mph for around 500$. That’s excluding a deck though. If you can make your own mounts and pullies then you could probably save a little cash buying flywheel clones and caliber 2s off eBay but if you can’t I’d say this is the way to go. Of course look out for deals that pop up cause some pretty good stuff comes up every now and then.

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I think he is better off buying parts from @Jlabs. Its cheaper

this is exactly what i was looking for! i can just grab an old street deck or use the deck from my longboard (it has carver c7 trucks i can’t mout anything to)

i gotta add a remote too, right?

edit: just realized the gt2b is the radio lmao. what kind of charger/bms do you recommend?

thanks so much!

No problem. If you can spring a bit more I’d definitely recommend a upgrading your electronics to a VESC, a 190kV 6374 motor and 2x 5S 5Ah 20C lipos. It’d only be around a hundered bucks more and you’d have a 24mph top speed and a little over 10 miles of range.

since im going with a single 5ah 6s lipo, i could always just add another in parallel to up the range or series to up the speed. I am getting the VESC though because its only $30 more

these motors seem pretty expensive though. the advantage of these over, say, an equivalent turnigy SK3 is that they are sensored right?

i am going to keep my eyes peeled for group buys