How to build world's fastest electric skateboard?

If your goal was to simply build a electric skateboard for world record speeds(60 mph+) how would you do it?

Castle creations mamba monster motor x4 with a 2:1 redution. I would also use nematic wheels for a more stable ride. Mamba monsters are 6s 200 amp 2,200kv motors. They claim they have 5hp each so x4 with that low of a reduction you should be fine and now you just need a battery that can handle a 800 constant amp draw.

But at 60+ mph cracks in the pavment = death.


12s battery 12s escs 2x 300kv motors 16/32 geering 100mm wheels 62mph


I’m building one right now…

With 4x carvon v2’s at 12s with a chaka quad vesc. My theoretical top speed will be 72 mph…


It gets exponentially harder to overcome resistance after 30~mph. You’ll probably be limited to a lot less than 72mph.

Yea, that’s the problem with these insanely fast boards. But I think 55 ish will be possible, maybe 60 in the right wind conditions (i.e with a strong wind on my back, haha). I did 38 mph with a dual and the needle was flying up on my speedometer… If I had more space, I could have hit 45 in less than a second more of acceleration, no doubts. 4wd should help with the wind.

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Get rid of the rider


P[quote=“evoheyax, post:4, topic:13270, full:true”] I’m building one right now…

With 4x carvon v2’s at 12s with a chaka quad vesc. My theoretical top speed will be 72 mph… [/quote]

I ran dual V2’s at 12s. The fasted I got was 33 mph. Theoretically, adding motors does not increase top speed on flat

Like I said, I did 38 mph with plenty of room left (the torque at 30+ starts to get really good). With more motors, I hope to eliminate the VESC overheating I have experienced most importantly, but also, help fight the wind a bit better. The problem is, finding someone with enough balls to push it to it’s speed limit… Cause I don’t even want to do 50 mph, haha. Maybe with leathers (which I don’t have), but even then…

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I never ran my V2s with Vescs. I was using TB ESC’s and mini remote. I found that when I switched from TBESC’s To Vescs with my belt drive system that I had a gain in top speed of at least 5 mph. I’ve also heard that the GT2B controller gets substantially higher top speed than the mini remote.

I can see maybe the esc having some effect on top speed, but I can’t see why a controller would get a higher top speed. If you configure it correctly under the ppm mode tab, you should be capable of the same ppm range, and thus, you shouldn’t get any difference in remotes, other than the acceleration and braking curve. But those shouldn’t affect top speed.

When you look at the curve of a motors power and torque output it’s dropping as you reach higher speeds. You are linearly losing torque as your torque requirement increases with the square of velocity. I’m not sure the easiest way to do this is with conventional BLDCs turning the wheel :slight_smile: Since we have such small wheels.

I’m not being flippant or joking when I say I think the easiest way to build the fastest esk8 is by putting fucking jets on it.

Alternatively, some sort of variable gearing system would work if you could fit it in our form factor. There was just a thread about CVTs on here a little while ago. Keep your watts in the best spot of the power band throughout.

Mobutusan Regular 4d @Namasaki Just out of curiosity, were you using the TB mini remote when you got those results? I ask because when I ran those same two 230kv motors on 12s with TB 12s esc’s and 14/36 gearing on 83mm wheels with a GT2B, I hit 30mph on a full charge and still had a little extra throttle left (I got scared and backed off, but I’m guessing it could have gotten up to 32+mph, at least). When I swapped the GT2B out for the TB mini remote, making no other changes, on a freshly charged battery, I had the throttle pegged and only got up to 28mph. This is using the same two gps speed/tracking apps on the same stretch of flat bike path, and the only change/variable was the different remote. I fiddled with the trims, re-paired the mini remote many times and same result. And I’m around 75-80kg fully loaded when I ride.

I can also confirm a drop in top speed after switching from the GT2B to the mini remote, at least on TB 12s esc’s. I went from a top speed of around 33mph down to 28mph after the switch, making no other changes, and each time on a fully charged battery. Interestingly enough, my bench tests with a hand held tachometer revealed that swapping channels from the trigger to the steering wheel resulted in an increase of around 300rpm, unloaded. I haven’t tried the steering wheel throttle in the street yet, but I’m suspecting that the mini remote trigger throw might be physically limited by the case or something. It’s just a theory at this point though. I’ll keep investigating this issue.

I am using the mini remote. I wonder now if I could get more speed with the gt2b… I might have to try it… It might just be the TB ESC though. I always use the vesc…

Since it’s current conrol (vs duty of TB’s esc) it won’t make difference. Throttle commands only up the current being supplied, so unless you’re not supplying enough current to drive max rpm, controller doesn’t matter unless you set it up very wrong.

It could be the trim for the throttle channel is set lower? if you have a scope it would be cool to see the difference at the Rx in PWM duty cycle.

60+ mph is completely insane. I can’t imagine building a board like that. I can barely stand 35mph, but i’m also not a downhill guy. Those clowns routinely hit 70 and up.

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Did a lot of downhill back in high school/ some in college. 60mph is a little on the fast side, even with precision trucks and the correct setup, but cruising 45-50 mph is where all the fun is at. My Raptor was pretty exciting for the first couple weeks but I am looking to speed it up. Any suggestions other than increasing wheel/ pulley size?

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You guys are all crazy! I’m scared to go above 25 mph on a longboard. :stuck_out_tongue: