How to change direction motor is spinning in

I was wondering if i needed my motor on the back wheels or the front. Or does it not really matter. However, if it does matter how do i make my wheel change directions.

If you’re using a VESC, just switch two of the three cables between the VESC and your motor. Doesn’t matter which ones.

does it matter wich ones are connected with each other?

It’s the same principle regardless of which esc used, they all work the same

Switch 2 of the 3 Motor Phase wires around and that will change motor direction.

No, plug them in and test the direction, if it goes the wrong way, switch two of them and your good to go

does it matter if the motor is in the front?

Well this just turned into a threeway shootout of answers :stuck_out_tongue:

Back is usually recommended, since you’ll have the weight on the back truck when accelerating.

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It will also help your stability if you keep your back trucks tighter. Like a sports car. Rear wheels for power, front wheels to steer.

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To reverse motor direction in VESCtools, select “invert motor direction” in the general tab under motor settings.


A really good downhill longboarder once told me I should put my weight on my front truck, as it’s much better for stability :stuck_out_tongue: . Putting your weight on the backtruck is a bad thing, he said.

@Philippe1 Back is usually easier as you often grab your longboard at the front truck, to carry it over a bad piece of road or just to walk with it. When there’s a motor attached to it, it’s usually not that easy to carry.

Well when your going 60+ km down a hill yeah putting your weight forward on your front truck is the way to stay stable.

On flat ground tho its definitely different.