HOW TO Charge 12S with iMAX B6

I made this video on how to one plug charge 6S and 12S (two plug) with cheap and readily available b6 chargers. the question comes up often enough… with one (or 2) simple to make charging lead you can easily charge your batteries without removing them from the board.

you will notice that I have used two chargers in the video, but the principal works that same with one charger by charging one half, and then the other (NOT IN PARALELL) its just faster with two.


Good job man. I’m already subbed to youtube.

thanks man I apreciate it. questions like this come up on the forum so often, Im going to try to make videos that cover most of the topics if I can.

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Did you have another diagram to show the wiring? Would be great if you have.

this is the diagram. I have found that with the B6AC chargers you can charge with the XT90 plugged in (or just not having it there at all) however if you have the DC B6 and are running off the same Power supply at the same time I would exersize caution because there is a possibiliy of short via a common earth. I probably wouldnt recomend it.

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Awesome topic & explanation, glad I searched before posting my own inquiry :grin:. I think this is the exact same layout but with cylindrical A123 lifepo4s? Would appreciate someone more knowledgeable giving me a thumbs up/down if something in this diagram is awry? Do I have to step-down the B6 charge rate given charging through the thinner 22 gauge wires?