How to configure remote with new VESC tool (help)

I got my TB VESC fixed. Now I am using new VESC tool interface. I was able to do a motor detect. I was able to configure battery parameters. Motor moves with arrow keys on keyboard. I connected the receiver to the VESC and bound receiver to radio (green light) but I cannot get the remote to work so I can’t set pulse lengths to finish. I am getting hung up on this last step. Can anyone provide some advice? I did a search on forum and did not find what I was looking for. See attached image.

This might help, additional photo.

Make sure you have the Vesc plugged into the correct channel on the receiver for the trigger on your remote

That is the most logical answer. I am sure I am using channel 2 but I will re-check that. Thx

Not all remotes use channel 2 for the trigger. I ran into that issue myself before.

I hope that is it because that is an easy fix. I will keep you posted.

Also check your ppm cable and make sure you don’t have a loose signal wire. It is the white wire.

Hey, I got my board working and did my first text run yesterday afternoon. I think rebooting the VESC after you pair the remote to receiver was the issue. Runs great for a first build. Thanks so much for all of your assistance. I appreciate it.

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