How to connect a Yuneec E-GO Cruiser to my source VESC on my DIY Electric Longboard

Hello there guys,

I am having trouble as the remote to my electric longboard has gone missing and the only other controller I have is the Yuneec E-GO Cruiser controller. Is there a way to connect this to my DIY board with a source VESC??

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

Does the yuneec remote have a separate receiver, or is it built into the yuneec board? If there’s a separate receiver, then you should be able to connect its output to the vesc. If it’s integrated, you’re SOL and you have to get another remote.

What do you mean?

I have a reciever connected to My own VESC inside my board.

Would it be easier if I sent a picture of my setup and the remote?

Pictures help, yes.

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Ok, one second

IMG_0555 IMG_0554 IMG_0553 IMG_0555 IMG_0554 IMG_0553

So, that little module hanging off the vesc is the yuneec e-go receiver?

No, that is from the controller the controller that has been lost.

And what kind of controller was that?

it was a Maytech controller from Electric Board Solutions

There’s your problem. I don’t think the yuneec controller will talk to a maytech receiver.

Send a photo of the E-GO internals if possible

ok. So I could fix this by getting a 2.4GHz remote with a reciever?

Yes, a Mini Remote as we call them is the best option

and if so, does it have to be a electric longboard controller specific or can it be any 2.4GHz controller with a reciever?

As long as you have a remote and a receiver that talk to each other, and the receiver has a signal that the vesc can interpret, the possibilities are endless. RC car remotes, wii nunchucks, the list goes on.

2.4GHz is preferred because it’s a robust communication protocol, but others have been used.

Like Brian said, a Mini remote is a great choice.

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Ok, awesome. Thanks for the help

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So I could basically buy a cheap remote car, steal the remote and the reciever and connect it to my board?