How to connect an app instead of a remote?

Hey I’m new here. I’ve searched and I saw someone did that with arduino but that was a while ago and the OP is not active anymore. I also saw a video from enertion but it wasn’t very helpful since it was mostly a demo.

I really want to know how to connect an app instead of a remote through bluetooth.

Can we do that directly through the VESC or an arduino/rasberry pi is required. If it is required where can I learn about it?

Is it feasible? How about its reliability? Have anyone else tried that before?

I’m a software developer but I don’t have too much hardware knowledge.

Thank you.

What app are you trying to connect?

there are a few dedicated apps made for VESC based ESC.

metr is probably on of the most famous

I would like to develop my own app that communicates through bluetooth to VESC or a rasberrypi connected to it. So pretty much all apps out there only do telemetry (monitor live data) my idea was more to control the board and replace the remote all together but I’m not sure how to do that.

Its definitely possible.

The remotes made by flipsky are conencted by canbus, so you can control the esk8 and also get telemetry.

Is there any article or any other resource you would recommend to understand this better? I’ve seen the project, the open source code and some threads on their forum but I’m still lost. Not sure where to start my research on this subject.

So basically I’m a mobile developer with low experience with low level stuff but I’m trying to find my way around.

What specifically are you trying to achieve in the app? you want to control the parameters of the VESC?

Yeah. I’m trying to totally replace the remote with the app.

So you can control the acceleration & brake from phone? -its possible & has been done before.

But its not very popular actually. Seems most people like their phone in their pocket in case they crash.

Yeah I’ve seen a few example around but nothing that I could learn from. My question is more like where I can find those resources to learn how to do that.