How to connect an XT60 connector without welding...?

Hi all,

Wondering if there is a way to connect my battery (xt60 connector) without throwing a giant welding spark as I try to connect the two? As I close the two ends together right about the point of contact it throws a giant spark, burns away one of the connector pins and chars the plastic part. I switch out the extra battery I have for my Haloboard all the time and it just throws a small non-eventful spark without damaging anything. They are both 10s3p batteries.

Any hints or tips on how to connect the the two connectors without welding my face to it, please?

You need an xt90 my friend, built in antispark.


Search the forum for xt90 loop key and look at the wiring diagrams and pics people have posted. Super helpful ideas on how to wire it up so you don’t get a spark.

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Take a look at this post, really helpful.

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@brenternet @xclr8r

Guys be careful to new peeps that is not quite right. What he needs is a XT90s, the little ‘s’ means antispark. This fella wouldn’t have known that and might have bought normal XT90 connectors


Fair enough. You’re right.


I, see, ok good. A quick googling of that turns up plenty of options. Looks like one w/ a pre-soldered, green “L” is the way to go.

So how do the ppl who assemble the boards get it out together without sparking it?

OH, and do I hook up the main battery to VESC connector first or the recharge connector first? Does it matter?


It really does sound like you’ve got some serious reading to do.

Generally you’d have a break before your battery gets to your esc. That would be a loop key or antispark switch of some sort. A lot of people do just plug the battery directly into the esc with a xt90s (split enclosure vanguard style) and that acts as both an antispark and engagement.

Read some threads and look at some wiring diagrams, you really shouldn’t be handling a battery without this information.

I’ve actually picked up the xt60 connector, regular I am assuming, and I have them all soldered on there nicely, heat shrinked, and touched up w liquid insulation compound - both to insulate and help keep it together. Now I want to connect them but am afraid it will spark like hell again. How do they connect them at the shop when they are building them?

Pre built boards use antispark switches. It is just as switch wired in before the esc. So that you can turn it on and off. It is not a normal switch, you can purchase from forum members

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Why take something that is already an anti-spark connector and have to do that to it? Why?

@kchxaz Tell us what you know about anti-spark xt90s and we’ll try fill in the gaps bro.

Very little. Didn’t even know there were anti-spark xt 30/60/90 connectors available. The old one I’m replacing is actually an xt30 connector (non-anti spark), it’s for my Acton Qu4tro. I bought the wrong ones (xt60) by mistake.

I’m don’t think there are xt60 and xt30 antispark. Well I’ve never seen them

If you don’t want a loop key you can just change the connectors so that you plug the battery into the esc to turn it on

Not trying to arguer - maybe I’m not seeing something - but there is nothing at all in line between the connector and the solder points on the ESC board.

That is because the esc probably has its own switch for turning on and off then.

If you want to stop the sparks you need to swap the connectors to XT90s connectors. They have a little resistor that stops the initial spark from the capacitors

Edit: I meant spark you silly sausage @wafflejock


Speak -> peak (high current, “inrush” to capacitors from battery to esc)

Haha okay was guessing thanks for clarifying


You do have the correct polarity yeah? It shouldnt be that bad a spark just from connecting the battery

That would be an XT90S - the XT90 do not have resistor


LoL I’m too late to help the new guy this place is swarming with helpers.

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