How to connect fuse with flipsky antispark pro?

Hey folks,

This is my first build. I have dual TB 6374 190KV, 10S3P, Flipskky dual FSESC6.6 and the Flipsky Antispark switch pro. Does the antispark suffice as a fuse? If not, can someone advise on a fuse I should use and how to set it up? Perhaps I missed a thread but I cant seem to find any clarity here.


you conenct a fuse to the charge port, a bit more than what current you’re charging at

Thanks a lot Tim. So to confirm, I would connect a fuse between these two points? Is there a particular type of fuse I would need to be compatible with this type of connector?

Would this fuse serve the same purpose as the fuse in this Benjamin Vedder diagram?

Thanks again.

2 wires have to be connecte an the other 2 need a fuse in between

it’s not the same as that schematic, this is for safety during charging, you can also do it like the schematic but i suggest using a fuse tht you can reset because if you’re in the middle of nowhere and your fuse blowns you’re stuck

Thanks Tim. Whats the purpose of the fuse in the schematic? How wold I set that up?

that fuse is just so if too much current is pulled from the battery it blows. But that anti spark switch is never used in that way and liek no one has a safety cutoff, the antispark is the safety cutoff and the power on button

image i’ts a special kind of XT90

So what your saying is that i really don’t need both the fuse in the diagram AND an antispark switch, right? But it would be a good idea to use that that special XT90, and that mates the VESC to the Battery, correct?

i don’t think many people put a fuse between the battery and esc but you should put one between the charge port and battery though, as shown in the diagram that special xt90, XT90S, is an anti spark thing and it powers on the vesc when you plug it in