How to connect Maytech motor sensor cable to VESC?

So I have these Maytech 6364 motors. image

I have this sensor adapter that came with my dual 4.20. How do I make sure the sensor cables are in the correct order? I’ve read someone on the forum killed the sensor by connecting incorrectly so I don’t want to destroy mine :smile: image

@DavidBanner sells them

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I’m asking how to connect the sensor to VESC properly, not looking to buy anything :sweat_smile:

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You could probably just look at the pinout for the vesc sensor port and the maytech data sheet. That’s what I was planning to do when I receive mine

I have the pinout for the vesc, can’t find the maytech data sheet tho. Do you have it?

Oh hm no i didn’t consider that it wouldn’t be on the website. Even with china products they usually have datatsheets right on the site

The sensor order is correct if you connect it to a focbox. It is in reversed order for escape because for some reason which baffles me stewii decided to do it in reversed order. Maybe he was scared off by Frank? Maybe he just made a mistake. Maybe he just felt like fcuknig with us. Maybe he has a deal with maytech so we order new motors in case we mess up. Maybe, just maybe he lives in opposite world.


The important bit is getting the positive and negative in the right place.

My adapter cables which are generally used with the FOCBOX are have straight 1-1 wiring. If you want to be sure you can check the FOCBOX wiring, locate the Red (+) and Black (-) wires and make sure they match up with the pinouts for your VESC and you are good to go


Thanks guys. At least now I have a clue and can figure it out from there. You guys have a schematic of the FOCBOX?

Just wanted to update anyone searching for these cables in longer versions

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