How to cut plastic a enclosure?

Hey guys! I’ve searched and haven’t found much of anything on the subject. Hopefully I just didn’t miss anything.

Anyways, I’m wondering how you guys go about cutting your plastic enclosures? I have the space cell enclosure I just don’t know the best way to cut it accurately. Should I use my dremel? Hot knife (I’ll have to buy one if needed)?

Well guys. Let me know as I would like to make this build look as professional as possible. Thanks!!!


Why would you need to cut into the enclosure? You can use almost anything to cut into the plastic. A dremel works great but it can become a tiny bit difficult to make even corners etc. A sharp hobby knife also works if you cut a couple of times.

I would think twice before cutting into the plastic on the space cell. You might make a big mess and have to buy a new enclosure.

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A Dremel works well. I usually cut the hole smaller that I need it and use a set of small files and razor blade to shape it perfectly. Also, there are quite a few 3d printed ‘adapters’ that hold an XT90 for example so you only have drill a hole.


Why would I need to cut the space cell? Well, because it has no cutouts for the on/off switch, battery meter (LCD), or charging port. Not sure I would want to unscrew 8 nuts and bolts to turn on/off my board, see how much battery life is left, or to charge it. :slight_smile:

I see people doing it. I just wasn’t sure what they were using to make it look good. I figured I would use my dremel and cut it a bit smaller than I need and then sand it the rest of the way. I just didn’t know if anyone had any better ideas.

Yup, @mmaner’s idea is good.

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By the way… You guys do understand that I’m talking about just the space cell enclosure right? Not the space cell battery?

Most power switches will just require you to drill a hole. Anti-Spark XT90scan be a pin, but printed a round holder that just requires a hole.

The volt meters can be tough. I usually measure the display size, then draw where I want it in the encloaure, drill a pilot hole at each corner about 1mm inside then use a Dremel to cut it out. Finally use files and fine grit and paper to shape the hole.

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This is exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks man! I really appreciate it. I’m brand new at all of this so any pointers really help me out.

This is what I’m working with is why I’m asking. I’m going to mount all of this in the space cell enclosure. I just want it to look as good as it possibly can.

No worries, that’s what this place is for.

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I used a soldering gun, smells gross but works haha

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Use a sharpie to draw your outline or print out on a piece of paper and spray adhesive it on to the plastic. The dremel out as much as possible, be careful on melting the plastic as it’ll make it difficult to work. I usually set my dremel fairly low speed and take a few breaks to make sure I’m not getting the plastic too hot. Once you’re fairly close to your outline you can finish it up with some files or exacto knife.

Using a soldering iron works but it ruins your tip, smells gross (gives you cancer), and you still have to clean it up with a file or exacto unless you have a fine tip for the job.

A hot knife would be ideal but I don’t have one so I cant comment on that.

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I use a drill or Dremel for the pilot holes/rough cuts, then I fine tune with files. A set of cheap needle files helps in getting to those corners. Be careful with the Space cell enclosure. Mine was prone to cracking.

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