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How to detect if faulty VESC or Motor

Hi my board started acting strange so I connected it up to Vesc Tool.

I have 2 x 4.12 vesc’s running firmware 4.12 HW version 410.

To simplify matters I have disconnected the working vesc and motor and I am just using the faulty motor or vesc.

When I try and do a motor test on the faulty one I get Detection failed reason -11

The vesc connects and shows the proper data so vesc seams to be reading and writing fine.

When i do the calibration for the motor on this one it sometimes makes a loud screech noise very short and i get the -11 error. I have checked the power which is good and the vesc seems to be working fine. Is there a test that I can do to see if the motor is the problem and failed or its the vesc?

Any ideas? using the Maytech 6355 190Kv

Cheers in advance David

Working motor and vesc I get this

On motor thats not working I get this

Can we please get a close up shot of the faulty vesc.

Maybe there are some burnt parts?

Hi it may be the motor that maybe more likely as the vesc is reading and writing.

I will take the wrapper off of the suspect vesc tomorrow and take a picture.

Is it possible to repair motors or just buy a new one?

Regards David

Tomorrow I will also try the known working vesc on the suspect motor that should tell me which part is faulty as long as they both aren’t faulty :slight_smile:

You can check the motors by first turning with the hand and see if it still moves freely (no broken magnets or bearings). Than take a multimeter and Check the resistance of all phases against each other. The resistance should be close to zero but for all combinations it need to be the same value. Also check each phase to ground (stator or bell on a place where it’s not covered with color) that should be in each case open end.

Also check solder joints on the bullet connectors and try to setup your vesc with and without connected sensor wires.


Hi suspect motor rotates freely.

Checked phases against each other (all 9 combinations) all exactly 1.3 Ohms.

I checked each phase to ground and it’s 0 no reading.

There is no sensor on this motor. Maytech 6355 190Kv

Regards David

OK i think I am getting somewhere. The motor is working with the working vesc. So it seems the vesc is to blame. I sent the pictures above of the culprit vesc. I think I need to send it off for a repair which the person apparently does. Any more advice would be cool though.

Regards David

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Probably a drv error. That vesc 4 hardware design was notorious for that error.

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I think your right. I get 3 blinking red lights when I try and do anything with the motor. Vesc starts fine blue and green light, reads and writes fine. I also get a -11 error sometimes which is bad connection regarding to the motors.

Hi guys sent my vesc off and was repaired for 35 Euros. All working now!

Thanks for the help.

Great News!