How To Determine the Most Optimal kv and Battery Pack Size for Motors

1 month to do a project like that is going to take you probably a good 2-3 months getting batteries rn 18650 cells shipped or custom made would take a month alone.

I meant i’ll be able to start in about a month, not finish in a month. They haven’t even released the batteries I want to use yet. I’m waiting for the Samsung 40T 21700 cells to come out.

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I figure your bottleneck is gonna be the ESC. If you want huge power you’re probably going to have to go 4wd or dual with VESC6s.

People use larger motors for hubs since you need to mass in order to combat the heat but it seems to me that not many people using dual belt driven 6374s with normal VESCs are really able to get enough power out of the VESC to use the motors to their full potential.

I’m already on the waitlist for the ESCape 6, so I’ve got the VESC6 covered. Also, I will have to start out dual drive, but I completely plan to go 4WD as soon as finances allow it. I think just waiting for the cells I want to use in my battery pack is going to be a bottleneck just waiting for them to be released…


Awesome, sounds like it’s gonna be a beast!

I’m really hoping it is! I think one of the things I’ll have the most fun with is all the things I plan on adding to the sides of the enclosure that display things or turn something on/off, allow for me to balance charge the battery but as 2 6s batteries, but it’ll be a 12s setup… Oh I can’t wait haha!