How to fasten motor pulley?

Hi everyone.

I am building my first board, And i though to myself. How can i fasten the motor pulley to the round motor shaft.

I dont have thoose fansy one with a little square metal. I have 2 threaded holes in the pulley with space for some DIN916 screws without head with pointy ends. Is that enough? or would it be better with a combination of that and metal Epoxy. The motor shaft is easily replaceable.

What do you guys suggest?

You can flatten motor shaft using hand file and one grub screw locked with medium (blue) threadlock should be enough.

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The screws should hold up just fine, but you need to take a dremel and gind little flat spots on the motor shaft where the screws make contact. Make sure you put threadlocker on the screws so they dont come loose from vibration.

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That is great help. What about the Hex screw. What is best the one with pointy end or flat? and can i do the same for attaching the motor mount to the trucks?

easiest way: glue the pulley with loctite 648 on the shaft :+1:

My motor pulleys comes with this set screw, find them out and will be very easy to fasten it ( im using those with several vibrations from the bad streets we have in Italy, never get out!!!)

I dont use Thread Locker.