How to fit 36 Teeth pulley to Kegel wheel

Hi can someone help me. I am looking for a way to connect my Kegel wheels with the pulley i have bought. This it the pulley

what do i need?

Go to @VladPomogaev video on YouTube he uses a puelly like that.

I cant find any with Kegel wheel

What I would do is put the kegel wheel against the pully than take a drill and go through every other hole and drill all the way through

ensuring you have properly centered the pulley, otherwise you’d likely end up with lots of broken belts

What do you guys think of 3d printing the wheel pulley in nylon and then using a 15 teeth motor in steel

i know people definitely use 3D printed pulleys… never done it myself for fear of having to constantly replace them

I’m not using kegels, but I have 2 boards with 3d printed wheel pulleys and retainers for flywheels. I’ve 50km on each and no visible wear. I printed with ABS at .1mm.

Look here for models…

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Also use Kegels with 36T, but 037Xl (5mm teeth)

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