How to get my board to go faster?

I just upgraded from a single motor setup that could go about 11mph to a dual motor setup. I was expecting the speed to increase because I got the second motor, but it is still at 11 mph.

My setup is: (2) 10000 mAh, 14.8v, 4 Cell lipos (2) VESC 4.12 (2) Enertion R-Spec

The VESCs are connected via CAN-Bus. Am I stuck with this speed unless I upgrade the battery or are there settings i can tweak in BLDC to get a higher speed?

Dual motor = more torque.

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really though, higher voltage = higher speed

Just because you added a second motor, the speed limit is based on the Kv of the motors (basically its RPM per volt) which is limited by the voltage of the battery. the second motor just gives you more torque, not more speed.


This thread helps i think

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You need to connect your batteries in series or change gearing

You should look into a different battery for your setup, even in series your batteries would only support up to 30v and on a 192kv(guessing kv cause enertion) motor it’s not a setup meant for speed

I’m pretty sure you have your batteries in parallel and if you connect them in series you’ll double your speed.

Tuck a lot

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This is it @nick.schweng - put those battery packs in series. Make sure to adjust the voltage settings in BLDC Tool accordingly. Check to make sure that you don’t have a low ERPM limit set as well.

Whats the kv of your motors?

Also your gearing would make a difference but up the voltage as well. I run a single 6364 245kv on 24v 6s lipo and have reached 27mph sofar with a little more throttle left to go.

You should use at least 8s at 190kv.