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How to get the best out of an Ownboard Bamboo (cracked deck) for DIY project > Switchblade build

Hello everyone,

I recently got a used Ownboard Bamboo AT, everything looked alright until the deck delaminated :upside_down_face:

Now, getting a deck from OB is a pain, so I’m thinking screw it let’s use what I have for a DIY project. After browsing this forum for a bit, I fell in love with the LY Switchblade 40in board…I don’t mind the DKP for now, but I care about range. I’d also like a good looking board :slight_smile:

Here’s the idea:

Phase 1: Switch the whole OB Bamboo hardware to the Switchblade…I guess everything will fit right? Only downside is drill the board to fit the OB battery (which has decent range but I guess will be changed soon, so new case = new holes)

Phase 2: OB has known issues with battery and remote, so thinking of changing battery, ESC and remote > Because I care about range, I’m thinking to get the @eboosted casing for the Switchblade but what’s the best battery I could put there for range? Also, suggestions on remote/ESC?

Phase 3: At this point, the only things left from OB are the wheels (cloudwheels), the motors, and trucks. Let’s go in order…I don’t mind the cloudwheels but I’d love pneumatic. Also, I don’t mind DKP trucks…I think with SB deck you won’t have the biting issue with the wheels but if I want to change that then I will need to get the whole thing (trucks, drive system, motors).

Would it make sense to keep the original trucks and just upgrade wheels? How bad are ownboard original motors? Does it make sense to upgrade these or it doesn’t make sense and at this point should I just redo the whole drive system? What should I put there if super high speed (>30/35mph) are not that important but good acceleration and efficiency is?

Thanks a lot for your help!

  • Deck: LY Switchblade 40in
  • Enclosure: Phase 1 ownboard, phase 2 eBoosted
  • Battery: ???
  • ESC: ???
  • TX/RX: ???
  • Trucks: Ownboard
  • Wheels: Cloudwheels to Bergmeister pneumatic ?
  • Motors: Ownboard to ?
  • Drive System: Ownboard

If you have the 5065 motors you wanna upgrade them, if you have the 6364 motors you should be good

Original Cloudwheels have a good chance of the bearing seat failing so make sure you get the Discovery version, TB110 wheels, or pneumatics

ESC is a tricky one since FS is bad, Enertion is out of business, and good stuff is only in testing

Battery I can help with (I make custom packs), if you get the eBoosted enclosure you can do a 12s5p

Wheel bite should be fine with 6" or smaller wheel (see Evolve)

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How can I tell which motors I have?

I know about the cloudwheels issue, so far over 450km no cracks…if they get ruined will have to pick discovery or go to pneumatics.

So ESC is definitely an issue…maybe find something used?

How much autonomy could I get with 12s5p?

Bergmeister won’ fit right?

Also, should I instead get somewhere a deck, sell the board and go full DIY? :smiley:

Get some metric calipers and measure the motor can diameter (50mm or 2" is bad, 63mm or 2.5" is good)

Strongly recommend looking into TB110 in 72a and Bergmeisters are also spectacular (they should fit)

I mean you can try and risk FlipSky, or get a Unity from China (Ali or eBay, forget where people are getting them)…used is okay too. If you want an easy solution you can get the Boundmotor 6.6 dual with remote

12s5p 30Q on thane…30 to 40 miles maybe?

12s4p P42A on thane…35 to 50 miles maybe?

There’s a like new 10s4p 30Q pack here for $300 if you want

If you don’t want the deck I’m interested :yum: (the Switchblade… hard pass on cracked decks)

But it’s really up to you, if you get cheap stuff you’ll have to buy it twice though

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Ok, I got the big guys, so at least that’s not bad.

Thinking now, I can go option A and take the DIY path…knowing there are going to be issues with the remote > BTW why Boundmotor 6.6 is the easy solution?

Or plan B get a new OB deck, sell it at small loss and get Lacroix Lonestar

It doesn’t have much stuff, run detection and set cutoffs, be done and skate (no data ports or BT, covers with a good remote)

Option B is no fun…

Ok regarding battery, the 10s4p 30Q for sale how much range would it give me? If I want the best range and best overall for the eBoosted case what would you put in there? How much would it cost? Thanks again!

And when adding the Boundmotor, what should I tweak? Or it would be ready to go?

10s4p would be 20 to 30 miles assuming it fits

I can make you a 12s5p for maybe $450 plus shipping depending on how you want it (higher end materials and more robust assembly costs more, basic bitch brick costs less)

You run motor detection, set current and voltage limits, and calibrate the remote I believe…esk8supply is the same stuff too

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So at this point, once built the only thing I’ll keep are basically the trucks, drivetrain and motors. To buy these probably even better quality I could spend what 300-400? Probably it makes more sense to get a loss, sell the board and do a full DIY!

Let me put a list together and open another thread. BTW Ownboard QC super sucks.

Yeah you can get a better drivetrain anywhere else,

TorqueBoards has a complete AT kit with massive AT wheels and 6380 motors for $740 here

Hoyt St has a super high end thane drive with 90mm wheels and 5653 motors for $800 here

Haggy has a awesome 6" drive train with 6374 motors for $675 and a street option for $765 here and here (personal favorite)

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Only issue, how to mount all of this good stuff on the Switchblade without having the wheels biting the deck.

I’m starting to think with around 2k one could build a board that compares to the Nazare with all the coolest stuff. Wondering if you can get the same range and overall quality…like a custom build like this

  • Deck+enclosure > Switchblade and enclosure eBoost $350

  • Battery > Molicel p42a cells in 12S4P > $700-$800

  • ESC > Boundmotor 6.6 dual $250

  • Remote > Hoyt Puck $99

  • Trucks + wheels + drivetrain > Haggy 6" AT $676

This comes at around $2150 plus prob $150 of spare items…am I missing something?

How would a build like this compare to a top build like a Baja or Lacroix?

I am 168lbs and I like range, carving (not extreme) and good looking stuff

Boundmotor ESC is not compatible with third party remotes, you can go for Trampa VESCs at $500 for a dual, Unity for $300 (china shipping), maybe EBMakers or MayTech, and after that I think it’s gonna be a used FocBox or something

I can do that battery for a bit less… closer to $600? BTW you’re looking at 30 miles for P42A on Bergs

Don’t get a Baja unless you want to buy 2… It will have parts breaking all the time

Lacroix is good stuff though, personally I don’t like the look but damn they are nice, same for Kaly NYC stuff l… You do pay for it though.

If you want something robust, maybe a proper mountain board?

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Ouch ESC is expensive! But if Boundmotor is ok to start maybe it makes sense to get their remote and then eventually upgrade?

Cool for the battery, I am now putting together a complete list to see if it all works. One more question, if I don’t get the eBoosted case is there a way to build a bigger case and put more batteries in there? Like Lacroix cases are awesome who could so something like that?

I still go around in cities with little off road…I believe if you want to do mountain get an additional board. Hard to have one that does everything.

Lacroix estimates 21-28 miles on a similar battery…are they just conservative? image

Basically the build I posted is almost the same as the Jaws. The step up comes from the hypertrucks > worth it?

Only buy what you plan to use, if you want telemetrics and the puck remote, buy a VESC-like ESC now… you’ll regret buying things for temporary use

The three options are backpack/trailer external packs (not recommend), top mount (I run this on both AT boards), or bottom mount (eBoosted and Lacroix style)…if you want a lot of cells you can mix top and bottom or just do top, but lots of cells under the board is hard (Lacroix Lonestar has a 3" deep enclosure I think to get away with it). I run a 12s 21Ah pack in a waterproof top mount enclosure and it’s perfect

You can do a classic (longboard body with street wheels), hybrids (longboard body with pneumatic wheels), carver (mountain board body with street wheels), or off road (mountain board body with pneumatics)…each has their own uses but you get more freedom with hybrids and off road boards, but off road boards have a much bigger footprint and the rolling chassis weighs more

The board I use most is a 40" micro drop deck, 260mm precision split angle TKP trucks, 6" pneumatics, dual 6374 motors, and a top mount single tail enclosure with a 12s3p 30Q and FS 6.6 dual plus ESC (VX2 and METR module)…there has never been a case where I can’t use it…it’s smooth on rough roads, it can handle grass and dirt, it is safe when wet out, it’s nimble enough to use in crowds, and I still get 20 miles of range while still being able to carry it around

If I could do it with a low profile enclosure I definitely would, but at this point it’s kinda committed so ehh

Lacroix bases that off big guys on rough roads I think. The capacity they use is only 4.08Ah per cell so it has a higher voltage cut off than I use

I honestly can’t say, I have only ever ridden Matrix II or TKP for off road stuff and I never went above 31MPH in my life… supposedly Hypertrucks are good for a built meant to carve AND go super fucking fast yet still be responsive off road. I wouldn’t ever thing of touching them unless I was super loaded in cash…the HeXL trucks I bought were a mistake in my opinion and I would take it back if I could so something even more expensive is out of the question

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