How to incorporate a Key Lock

I have been thinking about getting this lock switch to use as the on/off switch on my latest build: I don’t know if the switch can handle the current, how would I get around that?

I’ve used one similar before, it should be fine.

Use it with an antispark switch and have it be the on/off button.

Sounds good, does anybody know the dimensions of these? The Amazon one doesn’t seem to be accurate, there’s no way that thing is 3 X 3 inches

I don’t want to be a bummer, but what is his going to do?

  1. stop my friends from taking my board out all the time because they don’t want to build or buy one
  2. if someone steals it that doesn’t know what they’re doing, they won’t be able to turn it on

Ahh, ok ok. I could see this being the external with for the antispark (bedder). Now that would be hella cool.

Do you happen to have a diagram? I am struggling to figure out how I would solder it with an antispark…

Another option that will solve the key and anti spark situation is to use a xt90 anti-spark loop connector. Just mount the female socket on your enclosure so you can plug and unplug the loop connector outside the enclosure.

was thinking something like this as a battery disconnect:

using it on a vedder switch or something. this will open/close the power switch circuit

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Those are designed for 12v and will wear out from internal spark.

For use with systems under 50 volts. capacity - 250 amps continuous, 360 amps Intermittent.

Ok, you right. They are a bit bulky though.

2.6 x 5.2 x 5.2 inches… where can you put this on a board…

Yup! But a unique option w/ key and supposed to handle volts and amps we use.


the MEB antispark has a push button, correct? If so, splice one of the wires from it and bridge it with the key switch.

This is the MEB switch, it has three wires:

There is a solid wire coning from the anti to the esc. The switchboard separate conic off of the anti, as it’s own 2 cables.