How to increase speed on ranger x2?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone here had some concrete advice on how to increase the top speed on my backfire ranger x2. I’ve heard that adding voltage works, but with a prebuilt battery pack, that isn’t very easy unless I just connect a whole second battery in series, but that would double the voltage heading to the ESCs. Would that break those components? If so, how else can I look to increase my range? Thanks!

Ranger x2 specs:

Weight of Board 10.8KG
Dimensions 1103316.5cm
Range 16- 22 miles or 26-35km
Top Speed 35km/h
Hill Climbing Up to 30%
Remote R2 Wireless Remote with OLED Display
Battery 12S 50.4V 454Wh
Tire Thickening Honeycomb Structure Airless
Hub Motor 1200W*2 Hub Motors

Well it’s a nightmare to be honest. the simplest way is to sell it ang get a beltdrive board.

1200W @ 50v = 24 A At 50v (12s) ur motor can handle 24A. not sure even vesc can help with those hub motors. u need to change out the motors and wheels and get pulleys and belt and motormount and maybe vesc’s. but hopfully i’m wrong and someone will give u more posetive help.

Just loosen up ur trucks and master carving at 35km/h.

thats actually what the esc can handle (24A) the motors can definitely do more.

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double the voltage would fry your esc instantly.

Exactly. Do you know what I could do instead?

Would the move be to switch out the esc?

Apparently the speed limit is in place because of drain speed on the batteries. Apparently they don’t have enough amperage to supply the motors, so the esc limits the speed

You may be able to lift any limits by using either a 30A Hobbywing ESC (Although they’re super rare in 12S, I don’t think you’ll be able to find one) Or a dual VESC.

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I think I could remove the hard coded limit from the esc, I think it’s the batteries which are the issue, according to backfire themselves

I tried to upgrade ranger x2 to 12s8p battery pack with original ESC 2x15A,I need a range. Here is the manufacturer of esc :