How to lathe wheels properly?

Anyone got some suggestions for shaving these down? I’ve heard freezer, dry ice, etc.

Some people have had concerns about the wheel heating up during lathing and having to refreeze again. I want to make sure I do it right to get a nice clean shave down to 95mm.

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Step 1) Wear a respirator…

You could try this :stuck_out_tongue:


Why would you want to do this?

Instead of trying to cut it, I’d try sanding it. On a lathe of course to keep it round and concentric…

In my experience the all-terrains feel a little unstable because of the way they taper off towards the edges. You don’t get much of an outer lip to carve on.

Also I’ve heard that the vibrations caused by the tread can crack your trucks.

They can crack TRAMPA trucks. This is because there is no bushing to stop any of the vibrations. Regular trucks are not effected because you’ve got bushings to soften the vibrations.

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This is the way @Kaly does it, i think its the most simple and fun way :smile:


Use a wood lathe and a good carbide cutting tool. Sanding will take for- Ever and keep gumming up the paper. Go the hardware store and pick a nice 8mm bolt, threaded so you can tighten down over the bearings (add a bushing to lock the wheels, or just seize the bearings with some CA) make sure you have it well balanced.

Heat isn’t a real big issue in my experience. Use a mask as jmasta said and a vacuum hose held right where you cut. Lastly have some calipers on hand to check your progress throughout

Edit: if you can get access to one a metal lathe is a huge win for something like this

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If you really want to do this, personally I don’t see the point, they’re like that way for a reason, put it in a lathe and use the small holes in a cheese grater…

Just put them on the lathe and shave them, after that just finish with Kaly method

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I really don’t see the point for buying these wheels. Especially if you want to shave them :joy:

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Yep this is the reason.

Most likely I’m just going to do a burnout and try and isolate the wheels as much as possible so I don’t throw crap all over everything on the board hah.

Personally shaved down some of my wheel just using the motor and belt (board upside down on a table) to turn the wheel and a metal file to eat away at the urethane, like others said mask and some sort of glasses are necessary here you’re going to get a ton of nasty urethane dust in the air and probably don’t want to breath it in and it stings when it gets in your eyes and makes it hard to see what you’re doing… so yeah wear some safety glasses too. I had to shave mine down on the sides to avoid belt rubbing, have since been using washers as well to give it some space but probably going to need to do it again with some new oversized wheels I got.

PSA. Do not go 30+mph with these MBS wheels without shaving them down to a flat surface.

In other news… falling at 30+mph hurts if just wearing a helmet…

I assume the problem is not enough grip?

Just a helmet!!! That’ll teach ya to skateboard naked!!

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