How to: List for Budget Builds (+ different options)

I have decided to put this together in hopes that first-time builders will see it as a resource. One of the most common things I see is a parts list with flaws, and honestly the ‘common parts’ thread could use a little cleaning up. I’ve also kept in mind that a lot of you out there are trying to conserve money. That is difficult, because usually the more your budget the better the build. However, not everyone can afford that. So, for you budget first timers out there, here goes nothing:

  1. The Experienced Tinkerer Some people have much more tools than others (CNC mill, work shop, 3D printer, etc.), and usually parts from other projects. Here’s what you need if you happen to be one of those people: -Custom Mount, these aren’t hard to find. @JLabs made his own I believe as well -EBay/custom deck. > 20" wheelbase. No drop thru or drop downs, those are much harder to work with. -flywheels, 83mm or more in size -3D printed wheel pulley -13-16 tooth drive pulley -HTD5 belts -Enclosure can be a simple tackle box, however I would recommend getting a custom one from @psychotiller -6s or 2 X 3s lipo batteries. 4500mah or more is usually good, my rule for 6s is 1ah = 1 mile of range. A 6s system will get you a top speed of around 20mph depending on your gearing, torque is decent. -GT2B controller -FVT 120A 6s ESC -SK3 149-245 Kv. the lesser the Kv, the better the torque. The higher the Kv, the better the top speed. If you want a hill climber, keep Kv low. -lipo charger - IMAX B6

This setup will range from about 350-500 USD in cost depending on where you source parts. Just search the name of the part above or contact the person that I listed to find parts that you need. Keep in mind depending on where you live taxes and shipping can be tough.

  1. The Inexperienced Builder
  • @torqueboards motor mount, pully, trucks, and wheels kit OR @psychotiller mount kit (you will need to find a drive gear and pulley separate but the mount itself looks great in my opinion) -EBay Deck -SK3 (192-245Kv) -6s 5000mah Zippy Lipo battery -IMAX B6 charger
  • @psychotiller enclosure -FVT 120A 6s ESC -GT2B controller

This will cost about 550-650 USD, and trust me, this setup is the easiest it will get as far as purchasing parts and plugging everything in. You may want adapters if you don’t know how to soldier, I believe the plugs on the FVT ESCs are different than the battery

That’s it for now, I will add to this (/correct mistakes) as time goes on. If anyone with experience wants to chip in and add an option, please do so (@psychotiller @longhairedboy @treenutter @JLabs @lowGuido @lox897). For anyone new with questions that sees this, feel free to ask anything, that’s what this forum is about.


I have 200mm trucks on my site now. And the mounts compatible with those trucks are bad ass!

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Enertion has a great video on a cheap build. Hub motors are a great option for first builds that don’t go over heaps of hills. Hummie’s hubs are cheap and come with paris trucks and carvon’s are a bit more expensive but are very tried and tested. Can’t comment on Jacob’s because haven’t heard of many using them due to the urethane problem. Seem to be good though due to 63mm motor inside.

A nice first build for not too expensive that will reach good speeds: SK3 245kv motor 2 3S 5-8ah batteries in series Hobbywing 6s esc A mount by one of the guys that designed their own on this forum 3d printed wheel pulley (check out @JuniorPotato93 ) Motor pulley from enertion/torqueboards/sdp si/ belting online Ikea plastic enclosure Blank deck from funboxdist or Ebay flywheel clones Caliber II trucks