How to Make a Boosted Board!

Hello guys, I know that a lot of you entered in the Electric Skateboard world because Boosted made that awesome (Not that Awesome, but beautiful) board. And I imagine that a lot of you want to make a boosted board too, so here is how to make one (In my opinion, please, help me veterans)!

First let’s see what BB uses on their boards:

The Board it Self

For the deck Boosted uses Loaded Vanguard with Paris Trucks (on the V2) and Calibers (on V1) combinated with the Orangatang InHeat (V1) and the 80A Kegels (V2)


Boosted uses LiFePo batteries, I’ve read that they uses 12s1p with A123 cells and it can be true, because at nominal voltage this batteries have 111Wh.


They use such small motors, I’ve read that they uses 4954 motors with 190Kv, that can be true, with 12s batteries that Kv is a bit high…

Pulley Kit

Sorry, but this is where the experts will help me, I could not find the gearing of it, but in my calculation, with a 80mm wheels you can use the 190kv motors with 40T/16T and will reach the same top speed, maybe more.

Other Stuff Boosted have their own stuff, like Esc and Motor Mount, but our community have the solution to this

So Now is the Part that you build your own Boosted Board

Let’s start with the Longboard, the shape you can buy a original Loaded or buy this deck and you’re done. Now let’s go to the wheels (I want to talk more about trucks after), you can’t run out of Orangatangs with you want a real look like BB, so buy that Kegels and be happy, seriously, I have them, they are just awesome. And the trucks? So look what I found on Ebay These are way too similar to the Boosted mounts and they can be used with Paris Trucks (Quality not guaranteed) or you can buy Calibers and use the mount of your choice. And that is just the First part.



Now let’s go to the Electronics (YEAAH), to fit two motors you will need XX55 motors, so 5055 and 6355 are the way to go, buy the right kv for your battery or you can fry your motor. I think the cheapest option are the SK3’s and here are the links:

but they just work with batteries until 8s, so you will need a lower kv to have more voltage (Remember, More Voltage= More Range and More Speed) so here are the other options (There are others than this two)

diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-motor-5055-190kv/ diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv/

I think we are great in the motor part.


I don’t thing there is any other quality ESC than VESC, So I recommend Vesc. If you have more money buy FOCBOX or VESC6, they are just beasts, I saw some videos about the VESC6 on the SerpentBoard Instagram and DAMN, they are the heaven.


If you’re building a Boosted Clone I think you don’t have a small budget, so do not buy Lipos, seriously, they are cheap and have a great current, but they are really dangerous. LiFePo is the way, but they are pretty expensive. Li-ions are cheaper and are good, a 10s2p or 10s3p is enough. 12s is a bit harder because pass the ERPM Limit and you’ll need to limit it at the BLDC tool.Or you can go cheap with a 6s battery, you decide


Charge with a Bms, it’s easier, I don’t know other way to do this with 10s batteries, here are a lot of options

Pulley Kit and Belts

Buy a Kegel Pulley kit and you’re done


Thingsverse have Boosted Enclousures but I think Eboosted sells them… or you can buy the full battery at

And that is it, maybe no one will give attention, but I would love this thread when I was building my build, so maybe I’m helping someone, You’re welcome :blush:


Welcome - great intro thread.

Looks like a solid plan.

Depending on your budget - i’d get a quality deck if you want flex. I know someone got an aliexpress clone and broke their deck even before they electrified it…

I have a Vanguard Flex 1 setup (42" for my heavier weight), which my GF rides. I just upgraded her from 83mm flywheel clones to 80 kegels.

Gearing - the only aluminum kegel gears i’m aware of is from DIYes and 36t max. On a smaller 80mm wheel i don’t think i’d want 40t because it would get beatup by rocks due to low ground clearance - the 40t gears are pretty big!

ESC - i’m definitely a VESC fan. VESC-X/FOCBOX or @chaka / Ollinboards new direct FET, or Axle 4.12, DIYes 4.12, etc. The new VESC Six looks AWESOME, but it’s $$$ from Trampa and not released yet outside of BETA users.

Batteries - Lipos (good quality high C), or Li-Ion - depends on budget and skill and space constraints. 18650’s w/ BMS is pretty nice but more complex to wire up if you DIY. I still usually use Lipos and regular charger. Slowly moving towards some 18650 setups. The new 30q and VTC5a’s high amps looks amazing.


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Hello, I’m currently in the process of building my own boosted clone, I made a deck myself using birch ply and actually making my own template which turned out good, however I didn’t like the thickness of it so I’m going to make a new clone vanguard using bamboo and fibreglass, thanks to @whitepony for the help and here’s a link to his custom vanguard press I’ll update on how it goes - this being done tomorrow. There’s a build thread coming soon! Here’s a few links on builders who made boosted clones and who I took inspiration from -






For inspiration I created a clone as well :slight_smile:

Never thought of buying the battery directly from boosted, does it come with just a + and - wire, and all the BMS stuff is in the battery itself? :smiley:

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@fraannk how did I ever miss this? This is very nice indeed, good job :+1:t3:

It comes with they own wire and plug port, so if you buy you need to change, but yeah, Bms, Enclousure and Batteries

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You can’t just buy one:

You could ask someone with a board to buy it for you :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you prove that you have the board? Frank can send the photo of his Clone and everything is ok haha

Atualize us plz

you need to send serial number, name of shop you bought it from and email adress. They will register this in your name basically and nobody else will every be able to order anything with that board besides you - there won’t be many people giving up their support for you to get a cheap battery.

Yeah, I saw it, it was more than 50% broke, that is why I don’t listed it! CustomBoards seens to have good quality boards and Loaded is just awesome so I would go with them

Damn, so discard that option

I´m starting with a vanguard single drive build for the wifey soon. Should have 10s4p and our standard Bestech 10s 80A BMS.

Problem with this: I only found 10s4p builds with the smaller charge-only BMS enclosures like the one @Eboosted made.

Does someone know where to get a nice split enclosure where I could fit everything incl the bigger BMS in?

I was able to fit a battery supports 60A 36V BMS on my enclosure with no issues, I’m using the cheap ebay BMS for charging at the moment though and it has been keeping my battery balanced so far.

I’m going to do it now just picked up the GFK :grinning: