How to make a charge port for my lipo packs?

Hey, I finished my first board a few weeks ago and now want to look into making a charge port so i dont have to remove my batteries to charge all the time. I’m using an 8s configuration, with 2x 4s flightmax zippy 4000mah in parallel. I have two more of these batteries that i have been swapping every ~8km or so to get a better range. I am working on a new enclosure and want to know how i would go about charging the 4 packs at once with 2 in series and 2 in parallel. thanks in advance to anyone with input on the matter

This was already answered in an older topic.

But you can connect the 2 4s batteries in parallel.

so you have 2 4s 8000mah lipo’s.

Now you will have to make something so it operates at 8s and can charge with 4s.

What I’m going to do is use 2 loopkeys, one in between the 2 4s packs. and one in between one pack and the ESC.

This way you can connect xt60 connectors to charge the 4s packs with a parallel harnass.

The other way to do this is.

make 2 enclosures ( like boosted design), with the balance and charging leads stick out the enclosure. and use a serie harnass to connect when driving, and to charge use a parallel harnass

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