How to make a controller?

So ive been searching round on how to make a controller for the e-board ive made…ive got one now buts its chunky as shit. I want it to be bluetooth if possible. Im going to 3d print an enclosure like the winning/ boosted board controller so i need it kinda small. I just need to know how to lay everything out on the pcb and which pcb to get what resistors etc…if anyone can help it would mean loads!


Check out the ‘Ultimate VESC Controller’ thread

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Link? @lox897

Your welcome.



You know there is a search function right? Anyway, someone already gave you the link.

I think we should do this to everyone who dont just search :smiley:

But the thing is…it doesnt show how its built haha

I have a few controller enclosures in progress.

they were meant for the mini remote. check out my banana-mote thread. you should know how to find it lol

I agree, feel free to use it :grin:

Then buy a premade one!

Most of the “custom” controllers you see on here are GT2-B’s with new 3D printed cases. In order to design a remote yourself you’d have to know how to do legit electrical engineer shit…

Feel free to look into it but no one on a forum is going to have the time, patience, or really even the ability to explain how all of that works.

Also, if you read enough, there are enough posts and topics to cover this information. To actually make a controller you need both mechanical, software, physical engineering.

Easiest way is 2 x arduino+rfmodule, you will have to google and read quite a bit if you don’t know what you’re doing.

I’d say its mostly 3d modeling, software, and ee. and i’m working my ee skills :wink:

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