[HOW TO] Mini Remote + Mini Bike Bell = ❤️

I bike a lot and there’s one thing I’m really missing on the skateboard, my bike bell.

Seriously, why no one has done it yet?


This bike bell is the best. It’s small, loud and dirt cheap. Also shiny which adds + 20% to safety awareness.

It is even removable! So I don’t have to dremel too much.

I am going to use a piece of sandpaper.

It took me 15 minutes. If you have sanding machine, it probably takes 2.


Now I’ll put a thick double sided tape on it.

And attach to the mini remote by tightly pressing them together.


Happy riding!



If it’s crazy but it works, then it’s not crazy. Excellent quick mod! Sometimes simplest is best.

That is awesome. Would be very useful for foc riders. Next one should be flashlight and/or gopro/cellphone mount for videos or use with vesc apps.

Nice idea, just you might want to have your finger off the trigger when your ringing the bell otherwise you might wind up jerking the throttle.

I think its by law in sweden that an electric skateboard needs a ringbell(dont qoute me on that tho, not sure :joy: ) so thats a brilliant idea. :smiley:

haha this one is nice :smiley:

good idea! love it :slight_smile:

Definately congrats for the latest mechanical design! :smiley:

I had been thinking about this for a while but somehow never realized one smaller bicycle bell could be attached to the remote itself… all the other electrical versions about buzzers seemed too time consuming to install otherwise ready made…

So yeh… definately clever design :smiley:

without the use of extra electronics

though i had a solution for a little while - I had movement activated alarm in my bag… so if I wanted I could sometimes activate it and then the ringing would start… though the sound was not very bell like nor nice :smiley: