How to mold my enclosure?

I 3D printed an enclosure for a new build I’m currently working on. This is the first time I’m going to make a “professional” looking enclosure, and I would like to ask if anyone can help me to understand what should be the procedure in order to make this enclosure from fiberglass, as I want it to be strong like Schwarzenegger.

It has a bit of curve to if to follow the shape of the deck it’s going to sit on. My mold should be made from the upper side of the enclosure, reason being is that if it will be made from the inside portion of it, it will not have all the design details. But, if I do it from the outside, I’m not sure how will I be able to give the curve to the mold. Any suggestions?

(The enclosure is split due to printing size limitation my 3D printer has. I’m going to glue it together).

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The way I would do it would be to cut off the flanges and place the enclosure onto the deck. Make sure to cover the deck in something the resin won’t stick to, then do as you would with the fibreglass and resin.

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What I did is apply Vaseline on the mold, apply the fiberglass and the resin, after i cover it with 0.25mm layer of latex and connect the vacuum pump to keep the fiber on place while it dry.

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Thanks guys!

@Surfer, your enclosure looks really good! What is the purpose of the latex over the fibergalss? And can I just apply a standard Vaseline on the mold in order to peel it from the fiberglass?

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What did you use so the resin does not stick on the bag?

You can use regular packaging tape, resin wont stick to it

Yes regular Vaseline is what I used, the latex and the vacuumis to keep the fiberglass in the shape you want after you put the fiberglass you have to wait until it dry

I don’t have a vacuum pump and latex. I do, however, have a vacuum bag and Kirby vacuum. Do you think it will be good enough for the average DIYer?

I was able to desgin a mold to my enclosure. I’ll might go with this route instead and 3D print it.

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Sure, check @ninja project called the GHETTO VACUUMING. I will also do the same probably.

make it a few mm larger because fiberglass will take up some space

Epoxy doesn’t stick to the latex

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Carnauba wax is what I have seen others use to stop resin from sticking to mold.

Mould release wax is the ideal thing to use. I use meguiars wax. It’s an industry standard. Be careful with some tapes such as parcel tape it may crinkle and ruin your finish.

Try to avoid 90 degree angles/ corners, it will be pain to get out nice product from your mold. Try to make every sharp corner roundish.

Yes, you can use ghetto vacuuming. All you need vacuum bag for clothes and vacuum cleaner.

Also I found that even without vacuum you can make nice enclosure. I made mine mud guards without vacuum at all, and those bastards have a bit complex shape to just not to use vacuum. But I was using very thin fiberglass cloth in multiple layers. Thin Twill cloth is very forgiving for making parts with more complex shapes. Only thing it will take more time, because of multiple layering.

Don’t get me wrong, vacuum is great, it makes all tight in place and presses out not needed resin, makes stuff lighter and stronger.

Here’s how look mine mud guards made without vacuum, mold also made without vacuum.


you can even use those thrash bags for plastic(recycling transparent ones/greenish)

I found these cheap products on Ali Free Shipping E-class 200gsm Glass fiber Tear Resistant Plain Woven Fiberglass Fabric Cut-resistant Reinforce Cloth 0.5m x1m to Clipboard And the carbon fiber too Carbon Fiber 3K 200g/m2 0.28mm Thickness Plain Woven Cloth reinforce carbon fabric for car spoiler building to Clipboard

Do you see any reason to don’t use them? Then I woukd by epoxy somewhere in EU.

Why not just use regular mat cloth, you will get the same result

I posted them because I tought that is a good price for fiber glass and carbon fiber. I thought a way to do a carbon fiber enclosure would be start with fiber glass 4-5 layers and then 3 layers of carbon fiber for the final look. Could you post a Matt fiber glass to have an idea what to buy. Thx

The chepest stuff, no direction, totally random. For our needs it more than strong enaugh