How to mount dual 6374 motors

So i’ve got two brand new 6374 149 kv Turnigy sk8 motors and a set of torque board 218 trucks, but the motors are too big to fit on the same truck without having one facing forward and the other backward. I tried that configuration and a separate issue of motor stuttering occurred. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or recommendations on what to do or buy to best get things set up. Please and thank you.

I can’t help you with what to make, but mounting one motor forward facing one backwards shouldn’t be a reason why your motors stutter. Did you configurate your motors via vesc tool properly?

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Did stuttering occur while riding on the board? Those motors aren’t sensored

Sk8 should be sensored :sweat_smile: but maybe he set them up without sensors :thinking:

I saw sk3… hmmmm. Maybe its with motor detection? if you run hall sensor test and then switch phase wires to reverse motor direction, your motor can not work properly

The motors are sensored, so I set them up using the VESC tool, using two FOCBOXs. The stuttering occurred when I started riding, and it was repetitive. Now that you mention it, it is possible that I switched the phase wire to one of them after running the hall sensor test. I’ll retry it later with the phase wires as is. Appreciate the input guys. Also, do you know of any other trucks that are bigger than the TB 218s? It’d be nice to stick with the stealth configuration, i’ve never ridden with motors sticking out the back.

Maybe try surfrodz, which require a new everything or you could get the 3dservisas fatboy hanger

If you switched phase wires you will need to redo the motor detection and everything should work fine after.